August 2008

School Days

Author: Mary Frances

I am busying getting the kids ready for back to school. We are attending a new school this year and for the first time my youngest is going to school. This school year is full of excitement and nervous energy. It is hard being the new kid and as a mom it is hard to watch your youngster be the new kid.

I do not remember my mom ever helping me make friends or ever worrying that I would feel left out. My mom was old school. She let me ride my bike to school and she let me make my own friends. Today it is hard for me and so many other moms to let go of the reins long enough for them to get into trouble and learn from their mistakes.

I went back to school last night and watched my son jump right in with all the other boys in his class and laugh and talk about Wii and star wars and the other really important stuff that 7 year old boys talk about. I guess my “old school” mom was right…sometimes we are just fine on our own.

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