November 2009

Who cares about Football!?

Author: Maggie Washo

This year, I do. For several years now I have observed my friends be fanatical about football pools. This year I entered one and, like magic, I suddenly care about who wins on “any given Sunday”. Amazing isn’t it?

Football to me (before this year) was always nice background noise for a nap. It was also guaranteed to illicit loud yells from my dad as he tried to coach from our house, a good thousand or so miles from the actual players. The Giants were the team to root for (as any loyal NY resident should) and the Cowboys were despised. Who decided they were “America’s Team” anyway? Doesn’t Texas want to become their own country?

The pool I am in is a suicide pool, which means I only have to pick ONE team to win every week. And throughout the course of 17 weeks, you can’t pick the same team twice. And if you lose twice, you’re out. Easy. Even for a football virgin like myself.

So thank-you Progressive Technology for getting me hooked. The football gods are smiling.

You will still never see me in an official jersey, however. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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