April 2009


Author: Mary Frances

I know this might open a can of worms and anger towards me, but I don’t have the same kind of rage that people seem to have against the Octomom.

Yes, I agree it was irresponsible to have IVF when you have no job, no money and 7 young children at home. However, what can be done about it now? There are now 8 more babies and they need love and support. All babies deserve love and support. Octomom is a bit loopy but I think she loves and supports her children the best way she knows how.

Being a mom myself I can say with authority that we all love and support our children the only way we know how. Meaning: I did not know the first thing about being a mom until I became one. Yes, I loved my nieces and nephews before I had children and I babysat for countless children. I understood the responsibilities of parents; however, I had no idea how to be a mom until my son was placed in my arms the first time.

I am baffled by all the press this women is getting for loving her children and wanting more. It is done. They are here. The milk has spilt and there is no need to beat this women up. Okay, what can we learn from this? Well, there can better standards for the doctors who do IVF. The physician who implanted 8 embryos should have known better but he did not break any laws and neither did Octomom. What they did was make decisions that the majority of people find odd if not irresponsible.

After she gave birth people were so happy for her and then the information about her personal life emerged and people became angry. On news programs people were angry that they (the tax payers) were going to be financing her children’s medical bills and food and shelter. People turned so quickly against her when it came down to money. I personally would like to point out all the ridiculous ways our government wastes our money. Paying the bonuses of AIG executives, building a multibillion dollar device in Utah to listen to aliens, paying for boondoggles for our representatives and senators.

If people really knew how wasteful this country was with money then maybe they would be happy to take care of innocent babies. Anyway, Angels of Mercy, a not for profit, privately funded organization is footing a huge portion of Octomom’s financial responsibilities. And the remaining amount is coming from her speaking engagements and photo opportunity sales. And now that I said all this I feel that is imperative that I add one more thing…

Who cares if she had surgery to look like Angelina Jolie? If I could have surgery and turn out looking like Angelina and possibly be mistaken as her by none other than Brad Pitt – then I would.

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