April 2009

She's Moving to Kentucky...for a boy!

Author: Maggie Washo

My dear friend Lindsey B. Hawkins is moving to Kentucky.
Yes, for a boy.

This doesn’t really surprise me because this is how she came to live on Hilton Head Island. Same reason for moving…different boy.

The range of emotions and comments coming from those close to her has run the gamut from “You go girl! Follow your heart!” to “Are you f***ing kidding?! You’re crazy! It’ll never work out.”

Which has me thinking… would I leave my life, my career, my family and friends for a man? Most likely not.

I didn’t even have to think too hard on that one.

But to those who have that adventurous spirit, why not? Most people end up moving because of their careers – isn’t another human being a better reason? At least you’ll know someone when you get there, right?

Besides, I needed a place to stay when I go to the Kentucky Derby in May. The timing couldn’t be better.

I will miss you Queen Lades!

  1. She will be sorely missed!!!

    — Thomas aka Dr. Phil    Apr 7, 11:20 am   

  2. Who wouldn’t want to move to kentucky? Us kentucky boys are just to hard to pass up ;-)

    — Morgan    Apr 30, 08:44 am   

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