March 2009

Baseball Season is Officially Here!

Author: Mary Frances

Oh my goodness!

My 8 year old son is in the Bluffton Youth Sports spring baseball program. I have been struggling with the lack of information trickling out of the organization. We registered online in January and paid via credit card. I got an email saying we were officially registered and that was it. I called a couple of weeks later and left a message asking about when I would hear from someone, when are tryouts, when does the season officially start, etc. I got a nice call from a lady who basically could feel my pain but did not have a lot of answers for me.

So, I practiced patience. (If you ever saw the movie Evan Almighty then you might recall the scene where Morgan Freeman explains that when we pray for patience perhaps God gives us opportunities to demonstrate it). I seized the opportunity to demonstrate patience. It took some practice but I managed.

Finally, a call from our coach came and he said we would be practicing until the season opened twice a week. Okay, this kind of schedule is what I crave. Still, no uniform and no idea when our games would be – until today! I received the AA Baseball schedule link to the website. I eagerly clicked on it and looked for my sons team schedule. WOW! First game is next week at 6:45 PM.


Did they realize this is a team of 7 and 8 year olds? We are normally going to bed at 7:30 – 7:45! Out of the scheduled 13 games only 3 are on a Saturday. These games last about 2 hours. And I have a younger child who will have to stay up late and watch the games as well. It wont kill us but it does throw a cramp into this very rigid mom’s schedule. Who makes up the schedule? Is it a parent with older children? Someone with no children? Is it someone who likes to hang out with their kids until the wee hours of the night? I know, I am complaining! Truly, I am really looking forward to the season. I like baseball and I really like watching my kids play in sports.

Perhaps I can use this as an opportunity to teach my kids about being willing to be flexible and still have a good attitude about it! So, Play Ball!

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