February 2009

The Monkey is Back...

Author: Maggie Washo

The CH2 crew was out in full force this weekend as they celebrated the RE-Grand-Opening (is that a word?) of Monkey Business in Park Plaza.

Mike Taylor, the guy who’s been in the DJ booth for as long as Monkey Business has been in Park Plaza, has taken over the club and is bringing back “what works.” For all you dancing queens, “what works” means Top 40 hits along with all of your older favorites.

Translation: Vanilla Ice and Lady GaGa will be sharing the same dance floor.

As someone who routinely likes to shake her ass, I wish Mike and the MB all the best of luck. I, for one, will come as often as my schedule permits.

  1. The three of you looked great – the stage is YOUR home!

    — Thomas    Feb 23, 04:16 pm   

  2. yay

    — sacie    Mar 24, 10:37 am   

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