February 2009

My Favorite Place

Author: Maggie Washo

So I decided this week that I am going to make my yearly pilgrimage to Walt Disney World at the end of March. Only this time I am going to make the trip with someone who isn’t quite tall enough to ride Space Mountain.

The only trip I’ve ever taken with my niece, Madison, was to Clemson this past summer. We made the drive to watch Uncle Ben (like the rice…bahahaha!) graduate. It was a short trip – about 30 hours total with 10 of them being spent in the car listening to the same Britney Spears songs over and over again. Good thing that I too am a fan of the conflicted Ms. Spears.

Madison went to Disney when she was two so she doesn’t remember a whole lot about the trip. Or anything, really. It is so exciting to think about seeing it for the first time through young eyes.

She’s just going to have to wear six-inch heels so I can take her on Space Mountain.

Happy Friday!

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