February 2009

Walking in the Shadow of Greatness (aka Maggie Washo)

Author: Madison Edwards

As a student in Mr. Moe’s Economics class at Hilton Head Island High School, I was given an assignment to job shadow someone who works in a field I might be interested in pursuing for a future career. Lucky for me, I snagged a gig with the editor-in-chief of CH2 herself Ms. Maggie Washo, allowing me a chance to get a close look at the field of journalism through the inner workings of a publication, as well as an experience to remember.

When I walked into the CH2 office dressed in my professional garb, I expected the stereotypical day at the office complete with client calls and making coffee runs. However, as soon as Maggie walked in with her enthusiastic grin extending her hand to embrace mine, I realized how truly interesting this experience would be.

The excitement started at the Belfair Golf Course where we had a photo shoot for the April issue of CH2. It was there that I was introduced to Tom Staebler, the former Art Director for Playboy Magazine and Hugh Hefner’s right hand man. I admit I couldn’t help but be star struck, though I did manage to maintain conversation with the man who has shot pictures of Barbara Streisand and Steve Martin. Maggie and I ran some errands around Bluffton, followed with a delicious lunch at Jim and Nick’s. The rest of the afternoon consisted of entertaining emails (I’m not even kidding), a supposed flat tire, and a search for two male models for another photo shoot for Friday. To my delight, she asked me to be in the photo shoot along with two of my guy friends and then gave me the opportunity to write this blog.

I don’t know what all of the other students are doing for their job shadowing, but I know that my experience is going to be pretty hard to beat. Being Maggie Washo’s shadow for two days has given me an idea of what it takes to put out a magazine, but it has also allowed me to meet some interesting people and participate in opportunities I wouldn’t normally have. I could really get used to walking in the shadow of Maggie Washo…

Madison Edwards
Future Editor-in- Chief

  1. Great post!

    — Thomas    Feb 6, 11:59 am   

  2. Sounds like you have a knack for writing!
    Good article Maddie!

    — Rhonda    Feb 6, 01:37 pm   

  3. WOW – how exciting! I had to share with all of my co-workers. This should be an A+ for sure.

    — Aunt Norine    Feb 6, 01:59 pm   

  4. GREAT JOB!!! glad that you found an awesome place to job shadow at!! have fun with the photo shoot! :)

    — Colleen Marie Cooper    Feb 6, 03:25 pm   

  5. Way to go, Maddie – but I knew you had it in you!

    — Grandma Ganger    Feb 6, 03:44 pm   

  6. That’s my girl! I’m proud of you sweetpea! What a wonderful & generous opportunity CH2 has provided you!

    — Mama    Feb 7, 08:33 am   

  7. This was such a wonderful chance for you. The article was great and I am so proud of you

    — MeMe    Feb 8, 11:19 pm   

  8. You get your wit from your mom, no doubt!! It was so fun reading your article. Keep up the good work.

    — Aunt Pam    Feb 11, 09:51 am   

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