January 2009

Hiring a photographer...in McMinnville?

Author: Maggie Washo

I had another…“Wow the internet is so amazing!” moment today.

In preparing for a future feature on a winemaker in Oregon, I found the need to get a professional shot of him – and he is not here. He is in Oregon. Being the involved editor that I am, I usually like to attend such photo shoots but with the economy in such a crunch I figure it’s best not to use the private jet to fly out there with one of our fabulous photographers.

Anyhoo! After quickly googling “photographers in McMinnville, OR” I had a list of several, had checked out their websites, and had two on the phone. I can’t even begin to think about how long that process would have taken 20 years ago.

Wow. The internet is so amazing. I’m a big fan.

:) maggie

  1. I too am amazed by the internet. And thankful that people like Maggie can find me all the way in McMinnville. Thanks again! Dale

    — Dale Collver    Feb 6, 04:05 pm   

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