January 2009

A New Generation...

Author: Mary Frances

I was thinking about all the stuff that is available to my kids today that I did not have when I was younger and then also all the stuff that I had that they don’t.

For instance, kids today have video games that they can carry around with them. They can watch movies in the car and they can use a computer anywhere, and listen to music that they downloaded into a tiny gadget the size of a credit card. They can call home while they are riding their bike. But they cannot say that they drove cross country with no technology other than the radio playing whatever their parents selected. They cannot say that they traveled for hours on highways without being required by law to wear a seatbelt. They cannot say that they learned how to ride a bike without wearing a helmet. When we learned we fell down hard, scraped our knees and banged our heads. We earned our skills through scabs.

My kids today are so protected that I wonder if I am actually doing them harm. My son is getting ready to try out for baseball and lacrosse. Have I prepared him that he might not make the team? I don’t even have to consider that because now a days we make sure that every one has a team to be on. Oh, I forgot to mention they also rate the skill level of the kids so one team does not have all the athletes. What ever happened to try out and make it or don’t make it? Either way you tried and that used to be an important lesson.

Yes, we have our kids wear helmets and seat belts because it keeps them safe from injuries. But aren’t we injuring their minds when they don’t know how to pick up a book for enjoyment rather than turn on the TV? Are we not injuring their personality when we make sure the playing field is even for everybody? I am curious what kind of generation we are going to produce. Think about the TV shows you watched as a kid. There was a mom and a dad and typically a moral
lesson. Lassie always came home, Gidget never sassed her dad.

Laverne and Shirley worked and went on dates. Wonder Woman and Charlie’s Angels were beautiful, smart and moral. The cartoons we watched were Smurfs that whistled and sang songs and fought Gargamell the evil one. Now my kids watch sassy twins who live in a hotel. The males on every show are depicted as stupid and goofy. How is that a role model for boys? The reality shows are so gross with skimpy dressed girls who think the only way they will get ahead is to talk trashy and act the same way. Think about it…TV when we were young was not on all the time and we never heard shows BLEEP out the words of people on the show during prime time. BLEEPing out words is now a regular occurrence on shows.

I am not saying that my generation had it right…my generation is now producing this junk that we are feeding our kids. I just wish we could be more intelligent.

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