January 2009

A Little Trick I Learned Today...

Author: Maggie Washo

I love music. ALOT.

I like to think that my life has a soundtrack. Last year my friends gave me an ipod and a “boombucket” (www.brookstone.com: check it out. very cool.) for Christmas. Both components together was pretty much the best gift ever. And just last week, I realized my new car is ipod friendly, which pretty much made me the happiest girl on Hilton Head Island.

Until two days ago, when suddenly and without warning, Izzy the Ipod went dark. No flashing songs and album covers across the hip little screen, but more importantly – NO MUSIC. It was working in the house. Took it outside, plugged it into the car – no longer working.

I didn’t drop it it. It had a fully charged battery. IT WAS ONLY A YEAR OLD!

For the next two mornings I got ready for work in silence. No “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel to make coffee to. No “9 to 5 The Remix” by Dolly Parton to dance in the shower to. No “Material Girl” by Madonna to get dressed to. No “Live Your Life” by Rihanna to sing along to while I put on mascara!!!

Anyhoo. I was sadly contemplating my ipod’s fate when all of the sudden I had a moment of brilliance! I’ll google “my ipod stopped working and it’s only a year old” and see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

And you know what, someone had! And he explained in a concise and well written blog that all an ipod owner had to do was simply hold the center button and the menu button down (at the same time – very important!) for six seconds and miraculously the ipod would reset itself and come to life.

Which it did.

And evidently this little bit of information was included in the Izzy the Ipod instruction manual, which I failed to read.

So. The little trick I learned today was this…

If all else fails – read the directions.

  1. So true, so true! Great post!!!

    — Thomas    Jan 15, 09:32 am   

  2. from what i know of you i was surprised that you could stay still for 6 seconds congrats

    — pat conlon    Jan 20, 09:34 pm   

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