January 2009

Morning Person?

Author: Maggie Washo

I’ve been getting up early for the last few weeks. And by early, I mean 7am, which may or may not be early for most of you.

It started as a labor of love for my dog, who has ALOT of energy which does not get expended sitting around the house waiting for me to finish working at 7pm. So, in an effort to be a responsible pet owner, I have started getting up an hour early so we can go on a long walk and play fetch.

And you know what? After a few weeks of this routine, I think I actually LIKE getting up with the sun. It’s pretty and calm and I somehow feel like I’m getting a bigger head start on the day.

I’m pretty sure Woody likes it too.

:) maggie

  1. Maggie, I’m going to try this! On the rare occasions I have, it DID make my day seem much better AND the excercise was out of the way!! Happy Day to you!

    — Patricia Johns    Jan 23, 05:32 pm   

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