January 2009

A Christmas Story

Author: Jason Burt

As we are half way through the winter season the day’s fly by and Bella continues to grows faster than we can click the camera. This was a holiday season for the books, my first daughters first Christmas one that I know she probably will not remember but one that her family and me will never forget. As mentioned in a previous blog that we were making the journey to VA and would be putting Bella’s coping ability to the holiday stop and go traffic to the test. However Becca and I were not so brave as to make the eight-hour drive in one session. We decided to break the trip up into equal halves and take it slow, stopping at our leisure or more like when loud pitch cries come out of nowhere & out of fear of loosing your hearing you pull in to the closest fill station. Actually I am making out to be worse than it was, Bella barley made a sound either day. I think she enjoyed having everyone so close by and being able to catch up on some so ever important baby sleep. Once the traveling was over we were all able to settle down in my old stomping grounds and try to relax for a few days. As I am sure every reader can agree with, the holidays are never a time where you can just kick back and enjoy the burring logs on the fire. We had five jammed packed days of making trips to the mall for last minute shopping, taking the kids to see movies because they have cabin fever, cycling through meal to meal feeling as if you are gliding along on a full stomach high accompanied by a spinning head (but maybe that was from the eggnog). With all the chaos behind we get to Christmas morning, truly a day a joy. As I woke up in the morning poured a cup of coffee and went into the living room gazed at the nine foot still brightly lit Christmas tree, and looked at all that Santa had dropped off the night before. We let Bella sleep in till the late morning hour of eight am (better than most days), and broke out every camera in the house. As everyone opened there nicely wrapped packages, Bella just stared in wonder at the bright paper and the ever-present surrounding commotion. Even though she didn’t realize she hit the jackpot I think baby Bella has enough new toys to last her until next Christmas. This is a good thing; giving us time to replenish the bank account from this seasons spending. This was a Christmas filled with love for family, good food and spirits, and the chance to enjoy everyone around you for a few short days. Thanks for reading next week I will be telling you our experiences in weaning Baby Bella of her middle of night time feast.
  1. did you forget the burt 500 won by the old man -maybe bella can help you next year

    — pat conlon    Jan 20, 09:38 pm   

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