January 2009

The Death of Lulu

Author: Maggie Washo

A very sad thing happened last month out by the traffic light at Rose Hill in Bluffton. I was on my way to meet a friend to watch Batman – The Dark Night at the Sea Turtle Cinemas. My car, Lulu, started acting funny. She clanked a little, her lights flashed a little, and then she smoked a little. And then…she died.

Lulu was a 2000 RX300 Lexus. Lulu the Lexus she was dubbed when I picked her up on Valentine’s Day almost five years ago. We had a wonderful relationship. She was reliable, she was pretty, and she forgave me for all of the fishing gear, photo shoot props, and old magazines that I would routinely stuff into her.

I spilled coffee on her. She didn’t care. I accidently rammed her rear end into our Vice President’s brand new Jeep Cherokee. She forgave me. (But I’m not sure our VP ever did).

We went on trips together. Our favorite place to go was Disney World, but the camping trips to upstate NY and Fenway Park to see the Red Sox were also memorable. She never broke down, very rarely had a flat tire, and was a true and reliable friend for many years.

But now she needs a new engine. My poor, poor Lulu.

  1. Mags,
    I have a feeling you might be leaving something out of this story?? LOL

    — Kevin WILES    Jan 28, 08:29 pm   

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