November 2008

1st Holiday Season With Baby Bella

Author: Jason Burt

I think in general this time of year flies by for everyone having Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all back to back. Going from collecting candy, carving turkey, to wrapping gifts and then dealing with the aftermath just in time catch your breath for the New Years festivities. This whirlwind of a season is one that I would like to take a little bit slower this year. Gearing up for many first memories of Bella in her first Halloween costume, her first Christmas dress, and being able to ring in the new years for the first time (even though she will hopefully be asleep by then).
This Halloween little Bella dressed up as a pink leopard and happily strolled around the neighborhood while the other kids collected all their sugary spoils. She enjoyed the night air and seeing all the bright costumes never taking her eyes off the action until well after the sun had retired as she decided she would the same. Next in line we have Thanksgiving where we will be celebrating here in HHI with Becca’s family and friends, and probably a few of the magazines staff followed shortly after by Christmas. For this holiday we will be packing up the car loaded with packages and heading to VA to visit my family. Out of all the holidays this is the one I will be looking forward to the most. Even though Bella wont really know the meaning behind the love in Christmas I still think she will love opening all the gifts. One thing this time of year proves true is that it is nice to be around the ones you love, and to share your memories that could last a lifetime.

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