November 2008


Author: Maggie Washo

It’s Monday morning and I’m going to use this brief moment to vent a bit.

Every month when the newest issue of Celebrate magazine hits mailboxes and newsstands, there is an influx of contact from our readers. The majority of what we hear is OVERWHELMINGLY positive. The CH2 team receives phone calls, emails and written letters thanking us for the coverage of some charity event, a new business or an Interesting Islander piece. I’ve had several people comment that the magazine looks like one you would pay for, not a free local publication. This, of course, makes our day and all the hard work we put in more than worth it.

However (of course there is a “but”, there’s always a “but”) every now and again we will get a letter (or phone call) from an incensed reader about something that, quite frankly, is trivial. It amazes me that some people have the time to get worked up about such small things.

How about a little perspective? You live on Hilton Head Island, not in Iraq. You are alive and healthy (I’m assuming you are healthy, because if you had cancer or some other life-threatening disease I assume your focus would be elsewhere).

Now don’t get me wrong, constructive criticism is welcome, sometimes we are just ignorant to something. I welcome all comments, positive and negative. But the next time you are about to light into someone, step back, count to ten and say…“Does this REALLY matter? Or will I have forgotten all about it by next week, or even tomorrow?”

Try inserting “perspective” into your daily lives. You’ll find that most things aren’t as big a deal as you initially thought.

Ok. I’m done ranting.

Have a wonderful Monday try to make someone’s day better with a smile or a compliment.

:) maggie

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