October 2008

Sick Kids

Author: Mary Frances | Photographer: Mine Studios

Yuck! Nothing is more gross than vomit. I am going to set the scene…we are living in a construction zone and I am working part time and my house is completely upside down. I have 3 rooms of furniture in one room and no kitchen. I have a laundry room without a floor (just slab with old mortar on it) and in the laundry room is of course the washer and dryer, a sink, and a refrigerator. I cook out side on the grill and use paper plates and plastic silverware. We went away last weekend while the sheetrock was being put up and came home to literally a 1/2 inch of sheet rock dust on EVERYTHING. They neglected to turn off the air conditioning or put plastic covers over the doorways. Of well, live and learn. However, I had a chaotic house before I left now I have a chaotic and dusty house. Thank the Lord that none of us have Asthma. The bedrooms are set up and we basically hang out in there because it is really the only place to be in our home right now. Now lets throw a wrench in it…the stomach bug. The school called me on Tuesday to say my daughter threw up in class. Bless her heart. I arrived and she not only looked pathetic she was totally embarrassed. I swooped her up in my arms and brought her home. I put her in a warm bath and then let her hang out in my bed to watch a cartoon. I snuck away to another room to do some work when I heard a shrieking, “MOM”! I ran to my room secretly praying that it was not all over me bed or worse my new sea grass wall to wall carpet. She was standing in my bathroom and sure enough she was sick and still getting sick. Quickly I got a wet wash cloth and came over to help her. It’s okay. You will be okay. I was rubbing her back and holding her hair back and she stood up and said, Mom, I didn’t get it on your new floor. Do I feel like a heel or what? I guess I have been repeating myself over and over about not eating or drinking in the bedrooms because I don’t want to ruin the new new carpets. Anyway it is a good habit to teach your children. Moving on.

Poor little one finally held food and water down. And I was so looking forward to sending her to school and getting back to work. When this morning my husband said, “I think the other one does not feel well”. Sure enough I was in my make shift kitchen making lunches when in comes the other one and vomits into the sink full of dishes soaking in hot soapy water. Is there anything grosser? That could also be the difference between boys and girls. One is sick and makes sure there is no mess and the other just gets sick on top of what I was trying to clean. I feel sick blogging about it.

Now I am in my office at home writing my weekly blog. My new kitchen floors are being installed. There are 4 men here who don’t speak much english and we are trying very hard to communicate with each other. And I have puke boy recuperating in my room. Days from now I will be laughing at the situation. But for right now I feel a bit frustrated that I am at home for 3 days with sick kids when I feel the crunch of needing to be out working. Well, work will be there tomorrow and sick kids need me today.

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