October 2008


Author: Maggie Washo

As part of the ongoing birthday celebration of October, my family and friends will be going camping this weekend. ALL of my siblings, their significant others and kids (the smallest being only 3 months old) . And my closest friends. In the woods. For two days.

Camping was always a highlight of my childhood. We went every Spring and every Fall, the latter of which being especially beautiful in upstate New York when the leaves began to change.

Camping is kind of funny, isn’t it? We spend days digging tents, lanterns, coolers, flashlights and sleeping bags out of some small corner of our garage. Then we proceed to Publix to buy ridiculous amounts of marshmellows, chocolate, graham crackers and other junk food. Load our cars up with supplies, drive a few hours down the road, spend hours “setting up camp”, only to tear it all down a few days later.

And we think this is FUN! And we look forward to it. And we can’t wait to do it again…

  1. This blog reminded me of playing hide and go seek at lake delta. I was telling Jason how much fun we used to have trying to be quiet in the bushes in the pitch black dark. Yaaay camping! Cant wait!!!

    — Middle Ross    Oct 13, 08:05 pm   

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