October 2008

Sick Bella

Author: Jason Burt | Photographer: Mine Studios

Isabella Grace at eleven weeks has grown leaps and bounds since the day we brought her home from the hospital on July 15. With the changing of the seasons and having to put Baby Bella in daycare and all the germs that come with the two, unfortunately the unavoidable has happened. She has caught her first cold complete with the sniffles, sneezing and deep cough. Being a first time dad, or probably to anyone, it is heart breaking seeing a helpless being lay coughing and see in their eyes that they do not understand this new feeling of pain and annoyance. The annoying part as an adult who understands the science behind it all and if it were to happen to me I could just run to the pharmacy and purchase something to eleviate my symptoms. However that is not necessarily the case with infants and common colds. Because it is just that our pediatrician recommended a six-day period in which we would just monitor Bella and make sure her symptoms didn’t change for the worse.

So what kind of changes are we talking about? Basically keep an eye and make sure the clear runny nose doesn’t change to a green runny nose, that she doesn’t begin to run a fever and make sure while the baby is sleeping that her congestion isn’t altering her breathing. The last was the hardest for me because Bella always breaths through her nose while she sleeps and at this point she couldn’t because it would always get stuffy. So here I am standing over the bassinet sucking out buggers while she tried to sleep. Finally I came to the conclusion that she was fine- she was having to learn to breath through her mouth while she slept – a trick that she would have to learn anyway. So for the time being, no baby cold and sinus, just a nose sucker (which all babies hate) to clear everything out of there, a humidifier, and lots of calming attempts. For all of you concerned readers I will let you know that we are nearing the six-day mark and almost all of the sniffles and sneezing has ceased. So good for the baby and good for the first time daddy, for now maybe we can all rest a bit more soundly.

  1. unsolicited advice – put new sheet on crib every day and elevate the head side of her mattress (put a pillow under mattress) lying flat makes you stuffy. Here is a tip on the mattress sheet thing: put 3 fitted sheets on at a time. Then after each day remove one. This saves you time.

    — mary Frances Lowrey    Oct 7, 03:11 pm   

  2. Rather, put the pillow under the crib sheet- it elevates it MUCH better. If the crib sheet it too tight, grab a twin sheet and cover the pillow with that; just make sure you tuck it in TiGhT to make sure it doesn’t come loose! Also, the best thing for preventing baby from getting worse and to help prevent colds all-together is to purchase a humidifier and leave it on every night while sick and everynight you have the heat in the house running. It helps to keep those yucky germs out of Baby Bella’s room! ( I have a Baby Bella too :)

    — Caroline    Oct 8, 02:25 pm   

  3. little ones have been having colds for 5000 yrs,but we all think ours is the worse-so keep on sucking them buggers and wiping that goo-you make a great first time dad,us older ones are proud of you -keep up the good work

    — pat conlon    Oct 13, 07:27 pm   

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