September 2008

Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers

Author: Maggie Washo

It is utterly ridiculous that I am about to blog about this…but well, here goes.

I moved this weekend and as you all know, with the joy of moving comes the joy of cleaning. My friend Lindsey suggested we pick up some “Magic Erasers” on the way to our cleaning project.

These little sponge-like things are amazing. Marks off walls, hard water stains removed from shower windows, soap scum off of tub floors, marks off tile..with almost no “elbow grease.”

I very rarely get this excited about ANY product. But anything that gives you more time for the things you WANT to be doing, I will enthusiastically endorse!

If only they would make really BIG ones to erase the mistakes we’ve made in life…

Happy Monday!


  1. Website looks fantastic. I loved your Happy Monday Blog. :)

    — Big Fan    Oct 1, 06:59 pm   

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