September 2008

Baby Daddies

Author: Jason Burt

For those of you who are first time readers my name is Jason Burt and I am a first time daddy to a beautiful baby girl named Isabella Grace, who has turned nine weeks today. In past blogs I have discussed: taking in the whole birthing process from a man’s point of view, the emotions a new baby evokes deep from within that you didn’t even know you had, and the importance of setting a routine early on.

Today I will bring one of my close friends into the topic of first time “baby daddies.” After writing this blog I decided that he might not appreciate me listing his name even though it makes it that much more funny for those of you who know him. I will give you a hint so I will not be entirely throwing him under the bus- his initials are NS.

NS and his wife are expecting their first baby girl in the month of November. Even though the sonogram showed girl, not boy parts, NS still has his fingers crossed for a future Jets quarterback. Last Sunday we gathered for brunch just to catch up and let the men talk of the dawning of the new football season and let the women speak of matters such as Nine West’s big shoe sale last weekend…. or something along those lines. The conversation didn’t go quite that way. The concentration of the talk was definitely based solely on baby talk for the first 40 minutes of the meal. NS and I joked about how he hasn’t even started on his nursery and that I would be happy to lend my services for a small price being that I am now a seasoned crib, pack and play, bassinette, bouncy seat, vibrating baby swing, nursery assembler.

NS still has the hope of the miracle baby who sleeps completely through the nights even at day one. A baby who doesn’t really cry but just gives a mild whimper when it is feeding, changing or naptime. Also if they do have a girl he is not so sure about a pink car seat because it really won’t go well with his new Mercedes.
I will give this fellow first time daddy a reassuring pat on the back for I too had most of these thoughts still with nine weeks left to go before the big day. I will let you know NS, it takes only a second after the birth of your first born when your thoughts miraculously transform from those of a typical man to a proud loving first time baby daddy and the pink car seat isn’t such a big deal (I have one in my new Chrysler, I originally opted for black, but now I enjoy the splash of color in my backseat).

For those of you who may be disappointed about the lack of content concerning my little ray of sunshine Bella, tune in next week same time to discover my interpretations of the many cries and how to overcome them without a bottle of Advil. What I mean is how to satisfy her so she wont feel the need to cry – for her cries are her way of communicating to all those who don’t understand baby lingo – i.e. us parental units. Until next week…thanks for reading.

Jason Burt

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