September 2008

A Routine is GOOD!

Author: Jason Burt

This will make week three of my First Time Daddy blog and I would like to thank our repeat visitors for their comments and I hope that you will keep them coming as the weeks fade into the distant past and baby Bella begins to crawl and talk and all the good things to come in the near future.

I will discuss this week the importance Becca and I have put on creating a set routine for Bella so she can adapt easier to all of the new sights, sounds and smells she discovers with each passing day. The new routine has also benefited the two of us monumentally as Bella has begun to know when her feeding times are and bedtime is. This makes it easier for us to get everything else that needs to get done around the house accomplished and have a little us time in our chaotic schedule.

After Bella is picked up from Toddler University Becca brings her home and her night routine begins. One of us will feed Bella a dinner bottle, (we prefer Dr. Brown bottles) which usually will keep her happy while we prepare our dinner. After we eat we will buckle Bella up in her stroller and take her for a dusk stroll around the neighborhood. She thoroughly enjoys her evening walks, wide eyed and aware, taking in her surroundings. She gets her love for nature from her daddy, I have always loved being in nature as opposed to being cramped up inside, a trait I plan to pass on to Bella in the years to come. When our 30-1hr long walk is completed Bella basically goes straight into her bright pink baby tub where her pink rubber ducky joins her. The warm water relaxes her as she splashes around like a little fish smiling and trying to duck her head under the water. Another trait I plan to pass on to her is for the love of water, I was swimming underwater by the age 3 and I expect that she will be just as adventuresome and be swimming at the same age. After bath time it is one last bottle before we put her down for bedtime. At this point of the night she is relaxed and ready to snooze away for at least 3 to 4 hours. Bella’s routine is one that we rarely break and is one that we all have grown to love and look forward to during the long workdays.

A little side note:

For those of you who are expecting or have a newborn baby I would recommend a sight called, this daily email guides you through pregnancy and the months to follow with tips of what is normal and what to watch out for as your baby grows into a little person. One topic Heidi discusses for 6-8week old babies is a practice called Tummy Time. Becca and I love Tummy Time, this is an exercise for Bella to strengthen her neck and arm muscles by being placed on her tummy and holding her head up completely on her own. While on her tummy she smiles and giggles while her head gently sways from side to side resembling an old school bobble head figure.

  1. Jason it warms my heart to see the words you use to describe your precious baby girl. You have grown up right in front of our eyes. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting. I love you!

    — Jasons sister    Sep 18, 08:07 am   

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