September 2008

Attention All Bachelor Nominees!

Author: Maggie

Hey guys..and the gals who nominated them…

We will be contacting you soon (most likely this week or early next) regarding the details of the contest. We’ve had alot of you contact us wondering why we don’t have your photo up on the website yet. The website is being updated today and everyone should be up on the site by tomorrow .

Information packets which include a questionaire, photo release form and rules of participation will be mailed to the address submitted by whomever nominated you.

And for everyone else…

The BIG BACHELOR PARTY is on October 23rd at Rider’s Lounge! The theme is Carnivale and you will all be entertained with jugglers, a tall man, an obnoxious person (any volunteers?) in a dunk tank, a fire breather, fortune tellers, and a fabulous band.

Oh, yeah. And Bachelors. Lots of Bachelors.


  1. Do we still have time to enter a bachelor?

    — SHERYL    Sep 10, 10:55 am   

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