August 2008

First Time Father

Author: Jason Burt

To start off WOW, let me take a deep breath. Prior to my baby being born everyone told me what a miraculous event watching childbirth and the days to follow would be. This to say the least is an understatement.

As one who gags at the sight of dirty dishes or a full trashcan from the night before, I believed that the sight of childbirth was out of the question for me. I envisioned fainting and being awoken with smelling salts lying in a hospital bed beside my angered girlfriend. On the contrary, my eyes were glued on the events unveiling before my eyes. I was one of the lucky that witnessed a quick successful childbirth. Our baby Isabella Grace Burt was born at 11:55am on July 15th as a wrinkled, whitish, crying baby, but instantly I was in love. It was at this moment that I knew my life was changed forever.

I was given the best gift god could give to a person surpassing wealth or any petty desire one could have. The next couple of days in the hospital as my girlfriend Becca Ross nursed and comforted our newborn baby, I daydreamed of baby Bellas first steps, her first day pre-school and ballet recitals. Events that fortunately for us will have to wait for there are many glorious memories that be made before those days can come.

  1. Awww Congratulations Jason!!!!! Im glad you have joined the never dull and wonderful life of parenthood!! It’s the best feeling in the world and I know she is going to have you wrapped around her pinky! :) Ha-ha. Enjoy the precious years ahead!!

    — Megan Obrenski    Aug 31, 03:14 pm   

  2. Awww Jason, you literally brought tears to my eyes!!! You’re going to be an incredible daddy!!

    — Miranda Spencer    Sep 9, 01:03 am   

  3. haha my little man finally grew up

    — Jason Altice    Sep 9, 01:05 am   

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