August 2008

RX for Stress: Let Spa Soleil put you on the path to peace

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: Photography by anne

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou

I’m not a person who can relax. I’m one of those Type-A, hyperactive over-achievers who doesn’t know the meaning of the “R” word. My life has two speeds: stop and go. The majority of the time, it’s full-speed-ahead. So when my doctor recommended a break, I immediately filled the prescription, booking a mini-vacation (a day of services) at Spa Soleil.

I was prepared for the usual pseudo-relaxation that typically comes with a facial or massage—the fleeting kind that vanishes the moment the lights come back up. I was not prepared for the absolute transformation I would undergo within a few short hours. What made the difference?

As a veteran spa-goer, I have discovered that, although the list of services is similar (facials, massages, body treatments and nail care), each spa has its own unique personality. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt a friendship and kinship at Spa Soleil. Like love at first sight, there was no single factor that stirred my spirit, but an aura that spoke to me in a deeply personal way. From check in to check out, I felt a rare and genuine sense of caring that went far beyond a simple day of pampering.

Get to know Spa Soleil
According to spa director, Christine Taylor, Spa Soleil abides by its mission statement: “We are here to provide a path to peace and tranquility. To educate and empower you. To teach you to love and take care of your whole being, mind, body and spirit. To assist in revealing the true, divine nature inside of you.” Backing up the philosophy is a team of competent professionals who know how to make that statement real by creating an unparalleled sense of harmony. “You can feel the energy here. It’s like a big family,” said Taylor, describing the exceptional spirit of commitment and cooperation among employees.

Open since August, 2007, the spa is located at the Hilton Head Marriott Resort which is owned by Columbia Sussex, Inc. In addition to a full menu of services and the amazingly talented staff, Spa Soleil boasts 10,000 feet of pure beauty and serenity. The state-of-the-art facility includes 16 treatment rooms, one double massage room, a double manicure/pedicure room and the Vichy room (wet room).

The journey begins when you arrive for services. You’ll start by stashing your street clothes in your personal locker while slipping into something more comfortable—a silky robe and slippers. You’ll be invited to make use of all locker room facilities throughout your spa visit. Amenities include a dry sauna and steam room in addition to showers, dressing areas and a full array of spa-quality personal care products. You’ll also find small scented towels, rolled and refrigerated to cool and refresh any time during your stay.

Before, between and after treatments, you will be encouraged to enjoy the relaxation room—a cozy retreat, equipped with comfortable arm chairs, chaise lounges with neck pillows and blankets and refreshment stations, including fresh fruit, naturally flavored waters, herbal teas and more. The mood is set by an aquamarine-colored tile mosaic water wall with oil-lit, glass fireplaces on either side, and is further enhanced by soothing music and two colorful video displays, guaranteed to mesmerize. “I want people to understand how healing it is to take time out for themselves—just to experience that relaxation room and everything that’s back there,” said Taylor.

In spite of its large, corporate affiliations, Spa Soleil maintains a warm and cozy ambiance, combining the utmost in professional care with the sweetness of Southern hospitality. “I’m a firm believer in customer service and making each guest feel very special—like they are the only person here for the time they are here, so that when they leave, they are just blown away,” said Taylor. “People don’t forget… When you can make them feel good about themselves and about where they belong in this world, that’s amazing.”

Something for everyone
Spa Soleil accommodates men and women, offering individual and couples treatments as well as a list of services especially designed for teens. Ask about packages and group accommodations or design your own special day. All spa appointments include full access to the spa, including the whirlpool, indoor pool and fitness center. Lunch or a light snack can be added to any treatment or package.

When you leave, you’ll want to take your spa experience home. All products are available for retail sale in the beautifully appointed spa shop. In addition to top-of-the-line skincare and makeup, you’ll find comfort wear, specialty teas, essential oils and a variety of gift items, including aromatherapy guides, inspirational books and much more.

Let your spirit emerge. Get rid of stress the healthy way. Experience Spa Soleil by calling (843) 686-8420. Discounts available for locals. For more information, visit

Three Healthy Spa Benefits
In today’s hectic world, spa services are no longer considered an indulgence, but a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Benefits include:

Stress Relief. Studies have proven that stress is a major contributor to disease. Not only does it threaten our overall health, it affects our moods and performance at work and at home. Spa treatments can help release endorphins which relax your mind and body, leaving you to perform well throughout the day, feel better and live longer.

Muscle Pain Relief. You don’t have to be an athlete to experience muscle pain. Sitting at a desk, working on a computer, driving, gardening or any variety of everyday activities can lead to fatigue and discomfort. Spa treatments can increase blood circulation, get rid of residual lactic acid and relieve the tension in your muscles, helping eliminate aches and pains.

Healthy Skin. Skin is the body’s largest organ and often reflects our state of mind. When you are anxious and uptight, skin begins to show signs of distress. A soothing facial or body treatment can help you relax while increasing blood flow, sloughing off dead surface cells and ridding your body of toxins that can dull the skin or cause breakouts.

Doctor’s orders: Take time out of your busy life for a spa break. Your body will thank you.

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