July 2008

How to: Throw a Cast Net


Step 1
Remove articles that might snag on the net such as watches, bracelets and rings. Wear snag free clothing.
Step 2
Create a sliding loop with the hand line, also known as hauling line. Place this loop around your wrist (right handed individuals loop the left wrist and left handed individuals loop the right wrist).
Step 3
Coil the hand line and hold in the hand with the looped wrist with your palm facing up. Remove any excess twists while coiling the line. Keep coiling the line until you can grasp the net’s neck.
Step 4
Grab the net’s neck and pull onto the coils in your hand. Pull until the net is lying straight before you.
Step 5
Coil the net until remaining net can be grabbed at your waist level while the bottom of the net barely touches the ground.
Step 6
Raise the looped wrist/hand to raise the net until the bottom of the net is easily reached with your free hand.
Step 7
Grab the lead line the section that is closest to you with your free hand.
Step 8
Place the lead line rope between your teeth or between your lips.
Step 9
Use your free hand to trace the lead line that is farthest from your looped wrist/hand.
Step 10
Prepare to throw the lead line over your free arm/hand’s shoulder by grab the lead line with your free hand while beginning to turn in the general direction of the throw.
Step 11
Toss the net over your shoulder. Remember that you are tossing the net over the shoulder of the arm opposite of the hand holding the coiled hand line and net.
Step 12
Reach under the net to grab the net about roughly half way down the lead line.
Step 13
Drop your shoulder that has the net over it slowly to allow the net to slowly drop down to your hand. Gather the net as it drops to your hand. Once you are able to grab the lead line, do so and use your thumb to lock it into place. One half of the net’s weight is now in each hand and you are ready to throw.
Step 14
Begin the throw by twisting so that the hand with the coiled hand line and net are furthest from the target throw area and the hand with the net hanging is closest.
Step 15
Gain momentum by reversing that twist so that your body moves towards the target throw area. Let your arms swing in an upward motion as you twist toward the area.
Step 16
Release the net from the first hand near the area and follow by releasing the line from your teeth as well as the coiled net and hand line as soon as the net starts to become tense.

Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_2099546_throw-castnet.html

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