July 2008

211 Park: Recipe for Success

Author: Paul deVere | Photographer: Photography By Anne

As with most culinary concoctions, the success of a business begins with a recipe. Over the past 13 years, 211 Park Wine Bar and Bistro has proven that they, indeed, have all the right ingredients. Parts that individually have their own flavor combine to give you exactly what you desire: great food and great service by great people. The recipe looks something like this:

Billy Cubbage
1 cup Carney showman
9½ cups street smarts
½ cup each of: tenacity, work ethic, luck
Full barrel of world-wide-wine knowledge

Put this hot mess in the Robocoup and out pops irascible and ubiquitous Billy. Not Bill, Will or William. One-of-a-kind Billy.

Bobby Lanier Cubbage
1 liter Momma Hen
1 gallon Chardonnay
1 cup WHA’D YOU SAY?
5 gallon bucket “OHMMMMMMM”…very Zen huh? She is Billy’s wife.
3 cups working mom

Whip this all together and you’ll wind up with an “I AM WOMAN” tough cookie, fueled by collard greens and grits, softened by a half glass of cool Cambria chardonnay.

Chef Richard Canestrari
1 can of Strari
2 cups camouflage
8 ounces of Fish on!
5 lbs pork belly
China cap full of gastronomic diversity

Cooked down slowly over a 25-year-old flame, this match of innovation, dedication and pure love of cooking foments this veritable performance artist into creating each meal and transforming it from simple to sublime; a true individual experience. Savvy traveler? Look no further for your next great meal—the one you’ll talk about all the way home and back again. The next big food star? He shines on stainless steel every night, except Tuesdays (his day off with girlfriend Ally who can be seen behind the bar at the May River Grill in Bluffton) and Sundays when 211 is closed.

Bo MacDonald
1 cup of “You know how we do!”
Pinch of Phil Mickelson, from the other side of the tee.
Dash of hugs, fist pound and finger snaps.
8 cups of in-your-face-hail-fellow-well-met.

Pound this all into the barrel of a gun and it shoots out with a smile and a warm bear hug. The arms-length handshake is not on the menu behind the bar at 211. Chances are this Vegas-greeter-in-another-life dynamo will warm you up to the kind of treatment that makes the song from Cheers seem like an understatement. Bo wants to know you, embrace you and bring you into the fold. In another life, I believe he would be a preacher and his flock would be legend. Cooked down to a southern reduction of laughs, love and kindness. Hug it out!

Steve Flannery
1 cup of “OMIGOD…he did what? Make him do it again!”
6 cups of really bad jokes
½ cup of obsession with soccer
2 cups of obsession of telling you about his obsession with soccer
4 cups of name dropping

Roll this hodge-podge of goofy accents, weird impersonations of all staff members, useless trivia sense, and willful desire to find some communality with everyone. (Does he always know someone from somewhere who knows someone else who went to college with his sister, or his brother or his other sister?) Could we just take a bite of our biscuit, roll it into a ball and deep fry it? You’d have the cholesterol about right.

Amy Sonberg
Pinch of Carol Burnett
1 cup of MOVE!
2 cups of Lance Armstrong (Her green footprint is…a ballet slipper?)
Dash of sweetness

Load all of the above into the blender and whip up a role player who guts it out every night; she is consistently the MVP on a daily basis.

Kathi Plomin
Pinch of Chicago chic
9 cups (years?) of “Wow, have we got some great specials!”
1 cup “sassa-frassiness”

Roll each of these items together to constitute a smooth, calm, and knowledgeable additive you can always count on to bring in the dough. Fold in her seasoned foodie instincts (which include numerous trips to the Big Easy) to achieve peak consistency.

Marquis Terry
Pinch of fatherhood
Cup of Bo-dini! Steve-dini! (Apparently there have been some late night disappearances.)
Gallon of happiness

Mixed together in a bouillabaisse of jobs and responsibilities, this master of the 89 words (the average amount of words it usually takes to relate the specials Richard and Steve create nightly) keeps it coming hard and fast and you can’t over-seat or over-work him. His guests adore him, and so does Rylie, his one-year-old daughter.

Stop in 211 Park Wine and Bistro at 33 Office Park Rd. and meet the people who make up the recipe for success. For reservations or information, call (843) 686-5212.

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