May 2008

Dr. Q. Pidd: RX for Finding Mr. Right...Part TWO!

Author: Dr. Q. Pidd | Photographer: Photography by Anne

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So, there we were standing in Publix as she stared at her cell phone. She was in shock and could not believe that she had just emptied her beloved Friend Zone. Her phone made a bright, happy chirping sound to signal that all the data she had selected was indeed erased.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” she stammered. “Why did I do that? I was supposed to call Greg about those Genesis concert tickets.”

I had to calm her down, because she was starting to get that “wounded rhino” look in her eyes. I know from past experience that when a woman gets that look, she’s about to really cause a man some serious bodily harm. Don’t believe me? Ask Lionel Ritchie about his ex-wife Brenda.

Anyway, I managed to calm her down by using my Jedi training and by promising to buy her a pair of Manolos if step two didn’t pan out.

“Step two better be good,” she said. Time seemed to stand still. All eyes suddenly were on me and I felt an icy chill run down my spine.

A lesser man would have bolted for the door once he calmed her down. He would have placed two shopping carts and a grandmother in her path as he ran from the store, laughing gleefully like a young Vincent Price. But once I realized that the icy chill was caused by me standing too close to one of the freezer units, I pressed on.

I told her that she had to stop getting in her way and let love do its thing. Does it sound like something the late Barry White would say? Well, if it does, it’s because I’m a fan of the maestro’s music. That cat was a musical genius and a true romantic at heart.

Far too often we tend to use logic when dealing with romance. I’m a big fan of logic, but love and logic sometimes are on two trains going in opposite directions.

The Internet and computers have only made things worse as folks now have spreadsheets and databases that they carry around with them. And if a potential partner doesn’t meet certain criteria? See ya!! After all, computers are never wrong, right?

I pointed out that of the three remaining numbers in her Friend Zone, one would be a perfect match for her—a pediatrician in his mid-forties. His biggest flaw was that he wasn’t smooth. He got a little nervous around her the first few times they met in social situations, and thus was banished to the Friend Zone. His other sin was that he was too nice.

I had to shake my head. Here was this gorgeous woman who didn’t consider a man dating material because her beauty made him nervous. Once she got to know him better, she found out what a great guy he was, but by then it was too late. They were now “friends.”

We talked for about another twenty minutes or so as I explained how to use The Secret and step two, and she hugged me after we exchanged contact info. “I’ll give it a try,” she said. “The party idea sounds good, but step two? I’ll think about it.”

The last e-mail I got from her included a couple of pictures of her and the doc on a date at a Cubs game.

Next, I’ll show all you Nice Guys how to finish first for a change without having to use the dark side of the force.

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