May 2008

Editor's Note: May 2008

Author: Maggie Washo

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” —Unknown

I have a lot of friends.

Smart friends, funny friends, skinny friends, chubby friends, family friends, work friends, single friends, married friends, friends with kids, friends with pets…the list goes on. They are all as different as the colors of the rainbow and they each play a different role in my life.

If I want to sit in comfortable silence (for hours, if necessary), I know I can do that with Vinnie. I don’t feel the need to talk and neither does he. When I want to dance like Michael Jackson (well, not really…but I can pretend), I hit the floor with Lindsey and James. If a long heart-to-heart is in order, Becca is a good listener. Being silly just doesn’t get any better than when I’m with Kelly or Amy.

Disney World and Fenway Park wouldn’t be the same without Jay; and long walks with Roger and Woody (my four-legged amigos) are better with Elizabeth. A work conundrum requires a conversation with Pierce or Tom; and for a positive attitude (no matter what the crisis), I know I can turn to Morgan. There is not a creative (or recycling) question my “green” friend Elisabeth can’t answer, and fewer people I know are as dependable and cool-headed as she. Sometimes you go through something tragic with someone and your lives become forever entwined. There were days when I think JVW and I couldn’t cry anymore.

Every one of my friends holds a special place in my heart (even the ones I didn’t specifically mention above—yes, that means you—Keith, Al, John, Dave, Myrtle, Krissy, Alex, George, Mike, Anthony and Herman).

But once in a lifetime, if you are lucky, you meet someone you can share everything with. A friend who will laugh with you and at you. A friend who will cry with you and for you. A special someone who will still love you when you behave like a donkey’s rear-end.

I have a friend like that. Her name is Becky.

If you have a friend like that, you must be doing something right.


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