April 2008

5 Reasons to Celebrate Rebecca Verbosky

Author: Celebrate Magazine

1. Rebecca Verbosky hails from Morgantown, WV where she earned her PhD in What Not To Do and Masters in Verbal Communication.

2. Before becoming the Director of Sales for Celebrate Magazine, she worked with a team of local financial advisors as a Registered Sales Associate.

3. She thanks the special ladies in her life for sharing their time & knowledge in the garden – helping her own interest blossom.

4. SHE IS PROUD TO SHOP LOCAL!! Locally owned businesses sustain our community, link our neighbors, contribute to more local causes and help maintain the diversity, distinctive flavor and character of our town.

5. Verbosky’s Top Ten: Family, Friends, her yellow dog Roger, talking, turning strangers into friends, Coca Cola in a can, chocolate, the Moon, Cherry Chap Stick and anything green!

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