March 2008

Editor's Note: March 2008

Author: Maggie Washo

You know what I think is kind of funny? Celebrity endorsements. Sometimes I wonder if the famous face touting a product actually believes in the product, or if they are just getting paid millions of dollars to say they do. When Ellen DeGeneres is at the grocery store buying milk does she make a conscientious effort to pull out her American Express card? Or is she a closet Visa user? Maybe she prefers to pay cash. I mean, honestly. How do we, the average Joe or Jane, even know? Should we just blindly go out and get an American Express card because we watch Ellen’s show occasionally and it find it somewhat amusing?

With the upcoming elections I find celebrity endorsements of Presidential candidates even more comical. I have enjoyed Madonna’s music for over twenty years now, but does that really mean I should let her opinion about Hilary Clinton for President influence me at the polls? I think it is hilarious to think there are people out there just waiting to see who their favorite athlete or entertainer is going to vote for so they can follow suit.

But all of this endorsement repartee has gotten me thinking about what I would endorse. Not for money, but because I think it might do the world some good if more people jumped on board with a certain thought or product.

So here are a few things that I, Maggie Washo, non-celebrity, would endorse- along with a slogan (just for the fun of it!).

Texting – “When you want to reach out and touch someone…but not quite.”

Smiling – “Improving your face…without plastic surgery.”

Yellow Cab – “Because walking to your car the next morning is better than spending the night in jail.”

Sarcasm – “For those witty enough to get their point across with humor.”

Four-inch Heels – “Help for the vertically challenged.”

Honesty- “Your mother was right. It really is the best policy.”

Oh yeah… I almost forgot. The clothes in this editor photograph were sponsored by Harley -Davidson. Wink, Wink.

Enjoy the Ides of March.

M. Washo

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