February 2008

Fast-teks: Tech Support You Only Think You Don't Need

Author: Miranda Spencer

Not even a yoga class can defuse the frustration of dealing with my laptop or the computers at work. Whether it operates so slowly that I wonder if I’m using an early 90s version of dial-up or it makes a loud bleeping sound letting everyone around me know that I’m doing something computably illegal. Admittedly so, I can’t count on my ten handy digits how many times I’ve yelled obscenities at a screen that is “not responding.” Then one day, the blue blanket of doom covers the computer screen, signaling the universal Mayday: “Your computer has officially crashed.” S#?%T.

“Whatever you do, don’t throw it away!” said Shireen Place, owner of Fast-teks on-site computer services. “We can go to your home to do a computer diagnostic, then the tech we send out will sit with you and show you how to work with it. That way, in the future, you know what to do in that situation.”

Whatever situation that may be—for example, if your home page won’t come up, your computer is very slow despite having reliable high-speed Internet access, or you’re missing certain programs that you know you had—your first instinct may be to call the computer company. “If it’s under warranty, then send it to them,” said Place, “but if it’s not, then there’s the total inconvenience and cost of packing up the computer and shipping it to them.” Convenience is right here on Hilton Head Island.

Fast-teks is a locally-owned franchise, specializing in onsite computer PC and laptop technical support. Their prime focus is to provide you affordable computer services, training, and website development, matched specifically to your needs. All tech support staff members are superbly experienced in their field, have had the ultimate in background checks and are, as Place puts it, “very patient.”

“We only hire technicians who are good at what they do and have very good customer service skills,” she said. These are the folks who, while you’re playing golf or loiter at your favorite haunt, are reading up on tech news and new technology. And Place stresses, “It’s not IF your computer crashes, it’s WHEN.”

An easy analogy is to think of a computer or laptop as a car. You have to take care of it in order for it to function properly. Like a car, you take it to get a tune up or its oil changed. A computer requires maintenance just the same (minus the oil, gas, and tweaking of hoses) by updating your software, getting rid of unused programs, and keeping your games, music and saved digital pictures to a minimum.

“The updates on your spy ware and virus programs such as Norton Anti-Virus are there to protect you,” said Place. “Like a car, you have to keep the oil at this level or it’ll be worse in two weeks or so. You need to keep up with the updates on your software when they pop up,” or basically the bad guys can invade. According to Place, 500-600 new viruses crop up every week. Not all of them will invade your computer, but if it’s showing excessive slowness, a missing home page, or the horrifying blue screen, then you may want to consider calling Fast-teks.

They’ll even give you private lessons. The lessons are a minimum of three hours, but are broken up into two sessions. The first hour and a half is a tutorial; the second is finished within thirty days so you can, “practice what we taught you, then we’ll review what problems you had,” said Place.

Fast-teks offers a copious amount of services for your residence and/or business, ranking number six in Franchise 500 magazine in 2006 under tech industry, and number 385 in the entire Franchise 500. They provide you with software and hardware solutions concerning virus, worm, and spy ware removal (which can cost millions in lost revenue and stolen identities), wireless networking, data backup and recovery, website development, troubleshooting and repair, network monitoring and management and more. So why leave the house when Fast-teks can come to you?

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