February 2008

Furrrr Fashion: Can I Get a Woof, Woof?

Author: CH2

Whether planning an evening out with friends or a weekend at the bed and biscuit, sophisticated sweaters, Asian inspired evening wear, casual tees and unusual accessories make an appearance at every four-legged occasion.

Hair and Nails By Irene Gonzalez
Photography By Anne


Stripes are in this season and according to up-and-coming fashionistas, navy is the new black. With pink accents, this is the perfect pullover for a brindle mix. In a word? Bitchin’!


Take the chill off cold winter days with this chocolate faux (obviously!)leather, fleece-lined pullover with matching booties. Perfect for taking long walks in the snow in Aspen.


Who says you can’t get all dressed up to lounge around all day? This winter white sweater screams of subtle seduction when paired with a leopard spotted throw.


Baby, you’ve never looked so good! For the sophisticated tail-wagger who’s not afraid to be dapper in argyle.


All the other felines will be green with envy when you step out sporting this sassy red number. Accentuated with mother of pearl buttons and black satin piping.


Don’t let the weather rain on your parade! Take your style on the road in this camouflage jumper with matching dog tags. (Boots not included.)


For the outlaw in you…a cherry red patchwork bandana is perfect for stealing hamburgers off the grill during backyard barbeques.


A night out for Sushi? Don’t leave the house without donning a Geisha-inspired Kimono.


Some canines prove that less is more. With eyes that make a statement like this, who needs fashion? A painting by pet portrait artist, Kaytee Esser captures attention and melts hearts.

Adopt Royal and recieve this portrait of your new pooch, valued at $400.

About Our Models…

Jenni is a 1 year old brindle/ retriever mix who was discovered wandering around the Wal-Mart parking lot (a bargain hunter!). She is a fun-loving gal who loves playing fetch and going for long walks.

Zac is a Border collie mix who was found abandoned on Arrow Road. Time in the Big House: 2 months, 3 days, 6 hours. Looking forward to an early parole for good behavior.

Pualani is a one-year old terrier mix found hitchhiking on Highway 321. She loves to play, nap, play and play some more. Will best suit an active mom or dad.

An Australian Shepherd/ Brindle mix, you won’t find a sweeter pooch than Taz. He was tossed over the shelter fence a year ago and has been desperately seeking his own home ever since. Taz’s front leg will forever be fractured, so he needs a partner who his sensitive to his special needs.

Benz was found in B-Town on Buck Island Road about a year ago. She is a gentle, two-year old lab mix who would love to move in with you tomorrow!

Royal has been with the Humane Society since he was 7 months old (almost 9 years!). He was found casually strolling down the beach in front of the Westin by a visitor to our Island. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have his own family or home – he’s lived at the Humane Society for almost his whole life.

Seven year old Rusty is looking for a laid back family to welcome him into their home and onto their couch where he can lounge and watch his favorite television programs (Flight of the Conchords and reruns of Leave it to Beaver).

Our cover model, Silence, is a one-year old long-haired black who was diagnosed with feline Leukemia (FELV). FELV can only be passed from cat to cat, so if you currently have a pooch in your house they would not be susceptible.

Lemoyne is also a special-needs kitty, diagnosed with Megacolon. He has been living at our local shelter for about two years now.

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