January 2008

Supersaturated in Success

Author: Becca Dupps Edwards

Both have been hailed as a “state of mind.” Both invoke a sensorial appreciation for the Southeastern coastline and its sweet salty essence. And both boating and Bluffton are now square knotted together in nautical bliss, providing the Lowcountry the luxury of yachting without the expense.

Say “Ahoy there” to the Bottomline Yacht Company. Based on the May River and servicing the entire Lowcountry from Savannah to Charleston, Bottomline functions as a two-fold company that offers access to an array of watercraft through a membership program and boat charters.

Still in its developmental stages, Bottomline is the long-term passion and vision of owners Chris and Laura Parker. “We will provide uncomplicated access to yachts and other sea toys such as kayaks, shrimp nets, inner tubes and wake boards,” said Chris.

“Service, intimacy and attention to detail” is captained by a company founded on the principle that you should do what you love because you will do it well. “Laura and I believe an integral part of truly enjoying the Lowcountry is on the water. We have spent the last five years working to develop a plan whereby like-minded individuals interested in the Lowcountry lifestyle can enjoy it without the everyday hassles, frustration and expense individual boat ownership brings,” Chris explained.

Over 25 years ago, Bottomline began as a small boat repair business and boat sales shop named Yacht Services. In 2002, Chris, a long time employee of Yacht Services, purchased the company. Born and raised in Beaufort County, Chris felt a connection with Bluffton and its surrounding waterways. “Since the age of twelve I knew I wanted to spend my life involved in boating,” he said. Along with his wife Laura, he dreamt of creating something special that would reflect and support not only the Lowcountry, but Bluffton as an up-and-coming coastal town.

As a direct result of their dream, Bottomline Yacht Company has become a labor of love for the Parkers. According to Laura, “Bottomline Yacht Company is not planning to reinvent the wheel. There is a natural desire in people to be on or near the water. That is why there are already billion dollar businesses based on water-related activities and residential and commercial development in areas with access to oceans or lakes.”

But Bottomline does plan on taking the helm by promoting and supplying the first company of its kind in Bluffton. The old adage, “Owning a boat is like standing in a cold shower and shredding up one hundred dollar bills,” goes out the port hole here. Instead, yacht enthusiasts can utilize an affordable membership or charter agreement and cruise along local waters without financial stress and boat upkeep burdens.

“This area needs the Bottomline Yacht Company!” said Laura. “When you invest in Bottomline Yacht Company, you will not only enjoy financial benefits, you will also enjoy the service, intimacy and attention to detail you will receive with your membership.”

Members will have access to the Yacht Company’s watercraft after paying a one-time initiation fee and annual dues which collectively add up to a fraction of what it would cost someone to own even just one of the yachts maintained by Bottomline.

According to Laura, Bottomline Yacht Company is still evolving. “We are very open to ideas,” she said. “If we can make it happen we will. We believe in extreme hospitality. We don’t just host. We want to always go above and beyond what you would expect. That is our goal.”

“We have the knowledge and experience necessary to take this project from concept to completion,” she continued. Without a drip of a doubt, the Bottomline Yacht Company is destined to be supersaturated in success.

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