January 2008

Blockbuster Power

Author: Becca Dupps Edwards

Only a small handful of industries can cradle the essence of an era and—in times of retrospection—define the time by the very operation of the industry itself. For many, the movie cinema industry projects the greatest sense of nostalgia and serves as the most identifiable cultural benchmark for which a time may be judged. Just ask John Snodgrass of Northridge Cinema 10.

“For me personally, I remember the family night at the drive-in and the Saturday afternoon matinee for 35 cents,” he said. “If we were lucky we would get to see a double feature with a cartoon in between shows. Multiplexes had not been invented yet!”

His memories of being small and enjoying the big screen continue to play a leading role in his life. As the General Manager of Northridge Cinema 10, Snodgrass says the best part about his job is, “getting to see the movies as soon as they are available—and, if it is a good one, getting to see it more than once.”

In addition, Snodgrass appreciates “seeing the reactions of the audience when you know what’s going to happen.” He believes this provides a different perspective of the film. “There is truly a difference in seeing a film with the audience’s reaction versus sitting at home and watching it on DVD,” he said.

Since opening in June of 1996, Snodgrass has learned that he is not alone when it comes to having good old-fashioned fun by watching a newly released film. “Everyone loves the movies,” said Snodgrass. “The increased offering and frequency of releases almost guarantees that there will be something playing of interest to the populace.”

Even though the movie has been an encore form of entertainment for decades, it takes business savvy and industry knowledgeable management to make the theatre have a winning performance year after year. According to Snodgrass, “We are always looking for new films that appeal to the Hilton Head market as well as offering new concession items that the customers ask for.”

Thinking outside the reel, Northridge hopes to offer classic films and early bird specials next year, as well as children’s specials over the summer. This, in turn, will offer a unique entertainment experience for all ages and movie enthusiasts. Inasmuch, Northridge aims to create a venue for family bonding without breaking the family budget. “We offer a cost-effective, family-friendly environment to make going to the movies affordable,” said Snodgrass.

Affordability as well as several other viewer choice favorites have been the ticket to Northridge Cinema 10’s success. “We have a central location on the island with ample parking,” Snodgrass said. “We are open every day of the year, offering the lowest prices for both admission and concessions in the marketplace. We show first-run films and have many exclusive runs.”

As we enter into another year, and thus another 365 days of cultural milestones, Northridge Cinema 10 invites you to take part in the time-honored tradition of movie watching. True, tickets are no longer 35 cents, but today’s blockbusters still have the power to make lasting memories.

*Northridge Cinema 10
Northride Plaza

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