February 2021

Nice Legs! Innovative Vein Clinic elevates confidence and improves quality of life

Author: Cheryl Alexander

Dr. David Capallo of the Innovative Vein Center

Innovative Vein Center, located at 176 Dermis Road in Hardeeville, is a clinic with an innovative approach to treatment. Dr. David Capallo (a cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon with 35 years of experience) leads the team. He added vein surgery to his practice 15 years ago and now devotes his practice exclusively to venous disease.

“The transition is a natural one for a vascular surgeon,” Capallo explained. “Our mission is to provide our patients with the best possible care for the treatment of venous disease, and I believe that with our experience and the team we employ at Innovative Vein Center, we can do just that.”

When most people think of venous disease, they think of varicose veins, which many people experience as they age. However, varicose veins are only one indicator of venous reflux, which is the process that causes varicose veins. Other symptoms like leg swelling, leg heaviness or aching, and skin changes of the lower leg are also indicators of venous reflux.

“One of the most severe complications of venous disease is a venous ulcer,” Capallo said. “It can be an extremely difficult problem to manage, one that we don’t want people to ever experience. Therefore, we like to treat the disease prior to that point. Chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and spider veins are all common, treatable indicators of vein disease, and when treated early, can help patients avoid venous ulcers.”
For many, unsightly veins are an aesthetic annoyance that can affect self-confidence. For others, the painful, throbbing blood vessels interrupt normal activities and are a significant health concern. Those who have swelling, pain, changes in skin color and/or texture, and/or sores on the skin that do not readily heal should consider consultation and treatment.

Those who are already dealing with ulcers may quickly find that topical medicines, specialty dressings (bandages), or treatment boots do not remedy the underlying cause. “In most cases of venous ulcers, the skin breakdown will not heal unless the venous insufficiency is addressed,” Capallo said. Our biggest successes are with people who come in with long-standing, open leg ulcers. Many of them have been told that they need to continue local care and dressing changes. At Innovative Vein Center, we offer treatment of the underlying cause of vein disease and give those patients the relief they desire. With evaluation and ultrasound, we can identify the underlying cause of the venous ulcer and promote complete healing.”

Dr. Capallo also stresses that vein disease symptoms can vary greatly but ultrasound evaluation is always needed to formulate a treatment plan. “We are happy to see anybody with any leg complaints,” he said. “If they have venous disease, we can help them, and if they don’t, we can certainly offer other solutions. In most cases, they will have venous insufficiency, but if not, we can rule it out and refer them for treatment elsewhere.”

If you experience any of the following symptoms in your legs, you may want to consider being evaluated:
• Swelling, aching, pain
• Pruritus (itching of the legs)
• Fatigue and/or heaviness
• Night cramps
• Restless legs/numbness or tingling
• Burning or throbbing veins
• Bulging or enlarged raised veins
• Small, red/blue, web-like veins
• Skin thickening/discoloration of the lower legs

If you are examined and found to be a candidate for treatment, rest assured that Innovative Vein Center specializes in modern vein technology designed to help you feel and look your best. Utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art, proven methods of vein therapy treatment, their specialists offer patients the best possible results, while avoiding the risks associated with other surgical vein procedures.

“We continuously research vein technology and techniques to better serve our patients,” Capallo said. “Our vein specialists are experienced, qualified, and focused on achieving the best outcomes. We deliver confidence to our patients that they will receive the appropriate recommendations and best possible care that literally improves their quality of life.”

One common misconception is that venous disease is just something that happens with age and that people simply must accept it. As well, many mistakenly think that treatment may involve an operation, anesthesia, or a hospital stay. The truth is that treating venous disease only requires a brief and minimally invasive procedure.
Innovative Vein Center offers a variety of minimally invasive, in-office vein treatment options for the treatment of venous insufficiency, including ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and radiofrequency ablation. Sclerotherapy is performed by injecting the diseased veins with medication with ultrasound guidance. This causes the diseased veins to close. An ultrasound maps the veins in your legs prior to the treatment, giving Dr. Capallo the precise details to include the size and area of the veins needing treatment.

Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy typically causes little to no discomfort to the patient at the time of treatment, and patients typically resume activities immediately after concluding treatment. The lack of downtime and minimal discomfort (if any at all) is one major benefit of this procedure.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) treats veins with venous reflux. During this procedure, Dr. Capallo inserts a catheter into the vein through a small needle. Radiofrequency energy heats and collapses the diseased vein. The RFA procedure normally takes less than an hour. The body will redirect blood through healthier veins. RFA allows for quick recovery, positive results, and minimal pain.

Vein treatment at Innovative Vein Center benefits include:
• Non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment
• Little to no downtime
• No sedation
• Experienced dedicated physicians
• Covered by Medicare and most insurance plans
• Average treatment time one hour
• Lower risk than traditional treatments

With innovation at the forefront of care, the Innovative Vein Center specializes in obtaining the best outcomes for all their patients, and they look forward to working with you to personalize a treatment plan.

Innovative Vein Center is managed by an experienced vascular surgeon whose specialization is the treatment of venous disorders. They offer most up-to-date treatment of this common disorder.

“We are here now in Hardeeville, and we are proud to offer our services locally,” Capallo said. My assistant Staci and I have worked together for 24 years. We have an established practice and a knowledgeable and experienced ultrasound technician. We are your one-stop shop. We enjoy helping people feel better and improve their quality of life, and we’ll be here when you need us.”

For more information, visit innovativeveincenter.com or call (800) 282-0049.

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