January 2008

5 Reasons to Celebrate Kelly Stroud

Author: CH2

1.) Kelly Stroud moved to Hilton Head Island two years ago to be a graphic designer for Celebrate Hilton Head. Three months later she was the Art Director.

2.) When not staring at her Mac for hours on end, she can be found fishing and beaching it with friends. Or wakeboarding, snowboarding and jumping out of planes.

3.) “I’m Kelly Stroud. I’m proud to be a Stroud and you WANT to get to know me!”

4.) Ms. Stroud is from Chesterfield, Virginia, has lived in Switzerland and moved seven times before graduating High School. She won’t be leaving HHI anytime soon.

5.) If Kelly could be the Art Director at any other magazine besides CH2, it would be Vogue.

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