October 2020

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: Call the Gutter Pro, Troy Dolin.

Author: Amy Bartlett | Photographer: M.KAT Photography

“Troy Dolin, Gutter Pro” is more than the name behind the owner-operated and locally invested business. The phrase represents a philosophy and promise to keep it simple and personal for a purpose: “From phone call to sign-off,” Dolin assures, “you’re going to get me directly.” It’s a commitment to the first-person handling of your project and an individualized attention to detail.

“It’s important that we offer a great product at a fair price, but also that it’s handled completely hands-on” he said. “Which is why I’m committed to doing the work personally—no corporate runaround—and making sure the work has my personal seal of approval. Customer service has always been top priority. Not only do you want to know who’s at your house, but you can trust the quality of results as well as the process.”

What is Gutter Pro and its star attraction Gutterglove Gutter Guards? According to Consumer Reports, Gutterglove is the number one Gutter Protection System producing “The Nation’s Most Trusted Gutter Guards.” What sets them apart is the stainless steel micro-mesh over an anodized aluminum frame that not only keeps out all major types of debris, but resists flexing, warping, and rust to avoid disintegration or “peeling out” like other gutter screens. The slanted design encourages natural removal of buildup through wind and rain and ensures years of durability. From standard protection to the Gutterglove Pro line, which comes with a 40-year replacement warranty, Gutter Pro offers a two-year workmanship warranty for anything installation-focused from adjustment to outfitting a new construction.

Beyond service and product is a level of architectural design appeal many may find surprising. Gutter Pro utilizes a range of aesthetic options from Senox, a brand that’s been the industry leader since 1972 and offers a 50-year product warranty for more than 30 custom color variations. Simplifying the process, Gutter Pro offers free consultations to explore “the complexities behind finding the right solution,” including rain chains to add charm and, as their website describes, “some serious curb appeal.”

Adding another layer of confidence through relational management and personal touch, Dolin said, “I’m as local as you can get.” He and high school sweetheart Jenny grew up in the Lowcountry, where their kids Teddy and Jane are now homegrown. They know the community they service (from Charleston to Bluffton and Hilton Head Island) and every kind of leaf, seed pod, and moss you can pull out of a gutter. Open gutters that is, because Gutter Pro homes are protected for all five seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall, and hurricane). As they say on the SCGutterPro Facebook page, standard gutters simply “can’t handle the summer showers!” Five-inch gutters hold 1.2 gallons per linear foot, while Gutter Pro’s 6-inch gutters hold two gallons. Imagine what more than three quarters of a gallon per linear foot looks like when it overflows. Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Upgrade to go with the flow.

Like the ringing endorsement when a trusted source tells you, “I know a guy,” Dolin is committed to be your connection in the gutter biz. Whether your cup runneth over with recent summer rains or you just want to be prepared, “You’re not going to notice you have an issue until there’s an issue,” Dolin said. “Call me and let’s solve the problem before it happens.” When you do call, you’ll get the Gutter Pro himself, hands-on from start to finish, guaranteed.

For more information visit scgutterpro.com or call (843) 695-7331.

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