October 2020

15 Days to the Kitchen and Bath Experience You Deserve

Author: Tim Wood | Photographer: M.KAT Photography

Contractor horror stories are so plentiful that they have become clichés. HGTV has launched shows all about cleaning up the mistakes of crooked handymen. Internet recommendation services meant to solve the problem have instead created another layer of glossy smooth talk that makes a disappointing end result all the more soul crushing.

Jon Ward knew the reputation that his profession had “earned” when he launched his business, 15 Day Kitchen & Bath. The 47-year-old third-generation builder has seen firsthand why people feel like customer service is dead, but he has a memory of a different way etched in his brain.

“I remember going into a suit store before my first job interview out of college—didn’t have a clue what I needed—and the saleswoman spent half the day making sure I was dressed to the nines,” he said. “I’d seen my dad and granddad go above and beyond in every construction job, but to be the customer, to know that feeling of being respected and valued, I knew what I would deliver if I ever started my own business.”

Ward has also been on the wrong end of calls and online chats over the past few months during his time in quarantine and has seen companies stray even further away from putting the customer first. He and his crew have used any down time to evolve processes and commit even stronger to a different path.

“Too many people out there are selling snake oil. I’m here to show folks that there are still craftsmen that believe in good ol’ customer-first service, committed to timelines, efficiency and excellence,” Ward said. “We’re going to overdeliver on every job. We love what we do; we take on 1-2 jobs at a time, not 15. We haven’t lost touch with what it means to be a customer, and that’s important.”

Ward and his expert crew have created a turnkey system of kitchen and bath transformation that fit the 15-business-day timeline. While shadier contractors refuse to commit to work windows only to never be heard from again, Ward makes the timeline his bond and pledge of devotion to fulfilling each customer’s dreams.

More than the name, a scan of his work on 15daykitchenandbath.com and a series of glowing Google reviews speak to a pattern of excellence and integrity achieved through above-and-beyond communication.

“Some folks hear 15-day and they think cookie cutter, but we customize every job to each client’s needs and wish lists,” Ward said. Plenty of work can be done in that 120-hour window, from new paint to replaced cabinets, updated backsplashes to a new vanity or shower shell.

“We’re efficient and have a laser-focused system of ordering all the supplies and parts before we start the work,” Ward said. “We know which tools to have on site, which parts of the job will take longer, and we put a master plan together. It’s a commitment to maximize every minute on a jobsite and to value the investment of our customer’s time and money.”

Ward has a proven track record of gorgeous results achieved by a clear setting of expectations and his decades of experience in sourcing the best materials for the job. While other contractors have created even more waiting games with clients waiting on overseas products delayed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ward’s American-made suppliers have continued to deliver.

“You can have excellence, buy top-quality American products, and still deliver a timely result,” Ward said. “But the key to all of that is clear expectations and upfront communication.”

The company’s catchy name is meant to instill a commitment to timely work, but Ward’s team has the skills to take on larger-scale projects that require more time. Ward sets a timeline with every customer, detailing the upgrades that he and his team can deliver with higher budgets, but also delivering high-end finishes with more challenged checkbooks.

“We’re clear on the numbers; we’re thorough in the upfront inspections, and we love the challenge of giving the absolute best finished product on any budget and any timeline. The customer is always going to be clear on what we’re delivering,” he said.

And just how far will Ward and his team go to deliver on a promise? “If a cabinet comes in damaged or not correct, we don’t just call work off until UPS comes back. I’ve driven to Atlanta to get that replacement cabinet, to keep the project on track,” Ward said.

Ward takes pride in having the crew to tackle every facet of even the toughest kitchen or bath project, from drywall to electrical and plumbing, flooring and tile work to design plans born from years of learning customer tastes. “Kitchens and baths will give you the best rental and resale value for your buck. You will get the highest return on whatever investment you put in, and we can handle even the most lavish and extensive remodels and complete rebuilds,” he said.

Ironically, some of Ward’s best work (and best online reviews) have come from the worst-case scenario projects, delivering excellence in the face of adversity. “We had one job in Palmetto Dunes where cabinets took longer to come in, the timeline was shot, and it was one obstacle after another. But we communicated clearly every step of the way, found solutions and the job came out beautiful and thrilled the client,” Ward said. “Doing this line of work, there are unexpected nightmares around every piece of the job. But we’re nimble; we adapt and find the way to deliver the best possible result.”

It all goes back to Ward buying that suit, and a passion for leading a renaissance in customer appreciation. “We will not leave, won’t stop until we achieve that wow result. That may back us up; it may keep me from other jobs, but I’m going to make sure every customer gets the utmost quality if we’re putting the 15-Day name on it.”

Check out 15daykitchenandbath.com or call (843) 505-6139 for details.

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