August 2020

Men Behind the Business: Ryan Lockhart

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Ryan Lockhart
In the variety of ways you’ve likely encountered the influence and impact of Ryan Lockhart, owner of the marketing agency group46, you may not have heard the origins of what started with “a backpack, a one-way ticket, and a credit card.” Those who know Lockhart would tell you that most things Lockhart attempts in business as in life are as adventurous, bold, and sure as that one-way ticket to the United States. Those who don’t know him may find his direct, often brash, Aussie-personality intimidating until they experience his unique philosophy of life and approach to marketing success.

Having grown up the youngest of four with a single mom, and “not the most academic,” Lockhart said, although faced with challenges, learning came naturally. This is fueled by his drive for personal development, physical fitness, health, and living what most would call an intensely passionate life. “Energy creates energy. When you’re physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong, everything clicks,” he said.

Coaching and mentoring businesses and clients, helping them down the road through proven marketing strategies, is Lockhart’s most rewarding work. This focus has paid off for him and the clients he serves, materializing as a multi-faceted brand marketing agency in Historic Downtown Bluffton, representing well over a billion dollars of revenue for clients annually. His primary interest, he said, is “continually wanting to help people achieve their desired success,”—simply put, “helping business owners get discovered, heard, and known.”

Lockhart’s agency, group46, combines a half-century of top-level marketing strategy expertise, with Lockhart at the helm, bringing a successful career that stretches into sales, digital marketing, and brand development. Of the extensive experience he brings to the table, perhaps the most unique and effective is his sense of resourcefulness, intuition, and entrepreneurial drive, which he applies to his personal and professional pursuits and extends to clients through educational opportunities and what has been described as “having an outsourced CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).”

A single conversation or consultation with Lockhart and the nature of the agency he’s built introduces you to something far beyond the basic, familiar discussion of social media campaigns and refreshed logo packages. As is seen in the agency’s Professional Brand Navigators identity, Lockhart walks clients through a far deeper discovery process to “find their true north,” often coaching them towards their own visions of success.
“Ultimately, what matters in life is who do I love and who loves me; did I contribute more than I took; and did I live congruently to my identity?” This intuitive ability and deeper dive distinctively sets Ryan Lockhart and The Professional Brand Navigators at group46 apart.

1323 May River Road, Suite 202
Bluffton, SC 29910
(843) 226-7263

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