August 2020

Men Behind the Business: Dave Miller

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: M.KAT Photography

Dave Miller
Superior Services

What makes Superior Services the superior choice? The hard-work-and-persistence formula that describes owner and lightening-flash personality, Dave Miller. That, and a whole lot of yellow.

If you haven’t seen a flash of yellow from a Superior truck in the Lowcountry today, you haven’t been out long enough. That color choice signifies more than just the brand identity of a company offering an impeccable reputation, long-term local history, and 24/7 personal service. A quick Google search describes yellow as “luminous, happy, optimistic, intellectual, creative.” A callout below that should also say “Dave Miller,” for this larger than life, self-professed aficionado of dumb jokes and dumber movies.

Superior-Yellow isn’t just on the company trucks, T-shirts, and business cards, it’s parked in Miller’s driveway in the form of a 700 horsepower Ford Tonka truck that Hagerty Media calls, “the ultimate bro-dozer.” It’s also checked onto flights in his man-sized yellow travel case, which, yes, is filled with yellow underwear. We checked. Miller approves, with a sip from a yellow Yeti.

All of this is less of an indicator of eccentricity as it is a signifier of being all in, all the time. Just as known-around-town, is Superior’s promise that “the customer is always right, and the experts are always there,” which is all the more needed as the temperature rises. “When you get home, we get going,” Miller said of the off-hours rush as clients head home and find systems working overtime (or not working) to keep up with the 80 percent humidity of the Southeast Coast. It’s also checkout time in heavily populated tourist communities.

With locations now on Hilton Head Island, in Charleston, Bluffton, and branching out into Georgia, Miller is an admitted workaholic, not ready to slow down any time soon.

Miller launched locally in 1999 with “two men and a (likely yellow) truck,” and is just as committed today to building good customer service and a team of skilled technicians. In an industry with a lot of players (providing a high-need service in the Lowcountry’s tropical climate), Miller speaks highly of his competitors, yet confidently of his own Superior Services. “We strive to come out on top, and it serves to make us better,” he said. Some might say, superior.

Helping clients stay ahead of overloaded supply-and-demand, Miller said, “Get checked out early—stay proactive instead of reactive. It’ll save you time and money in the long run.” In videos, in conversation, and simply by his hands-on example, Miller teaches anyone within ear-shot that in business as with life, “a little bit of forethought goes a long way.”

36 Persimmon St., Suite 202
Bluffton, SC 29910
(843) 682-2665

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