August 2020

Men Behind the Business: Chris Donelson

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: M.KAT Photography

Chris Donelson
Air Duct DR

What services does your business offer?
We offer residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning; air ducts cleaning; mold/odor removal; tearing out worn insulation and rewrapping; replacing flex duct lines and dryer vent lines.

What is your motto in life?
I actually have quite a few, but this is what I tell my kids the most: Life isn’t a dress rehearsal; you’re going to mess up but get back up and keep going! You’ve gotta stay alert to stay alive. Time will either promote you or expose you.

What are you passionate about? What makes your eyes light up with excitement when you talk about it?
I am passionate about my kiddos: Mikayla 22, Marcella 20, Mark 19, Luke 11 and Lily 10; my business succeeding and making sure I’m on the right path; and honoring my fellow veterans and our great country.

To what do you attribute your success?
My faith in God. Falling forward, not quitting and realizing that life is by design or default, I chose design! Also, my fiancé Jacqui for being a great listener and best friend.

How do you personally define business success? Is it money? Freedom? Influence? Creative expression and innovation? Something else?
Realizing that my “why” in life isn’t just about me. It’s about creating a fun, positive and balanced home/work environment for my family, employees as well as my community. “Help enough other people get what they want in life, and you get what it is that you want.”—Zig Ziglar. Don’t burn bridges, and always leave people smiling.

What are your hobbies, and how do you like to relax?
I play my Gibson guitar and sing songs I’ve written about this crazy life. I’ve also been involved in theatre, television, and movies—just did my first full-length feature film last year. My favorite thing to do is get out on the boat for some Lowcountry river therapy with my dog, family and friends.

Favorite local charitable organization?
My favorite is Lovable Paws, where we found our newest family member, Smokey. He is a five-month-old shepherd/lab rescue. Also, St. Jude is always a favorite.

What do you think about when you are alone in your car?
I call it my mobile office. I’m always on the go, and my mind never shuts down, so I’m checking in on my team, answering custom estimate calls or taxiing my kids around to Tormenta soccer, Boy Scouts or the beach.

Favorite book or podcast?
The Bible because it’s the basic instructions before leaving earth. I’ve lived a full life, and I always get off track when I don’t have a bit of scripture each day, feeding my spirit. Life’s hard enough without having a plan or direction.

What is one thing you wish you had known when you became an entrepreneur?
Timing is everything. I have had so many small businesses and have been involved in so many opportunities that have all made me who I have become. I regret nothing and am grateful for all I’ve met who have somehow formed the ups and downs, good times and bad times. I had to go through what I did so I could, at the particular time, make it happen that awesome way it is.

2635 N. Okatie Hwy.
Ridgeland, SC 29936
843-645-DUCT (3828)

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