August 2020

Men Behind the Business: Dr. Brad Fraum D.C. & Dr. Brian McGinnis D.C.

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While Restorative Health is indeed “very serious business,” Drs. Brad Fraum D.C. and Brian McGinnis D.C. introduce you to a team DNA of laughter and lightheartedness, building a family with their clientele.

McGinnis joined Fraum 20 years ago, forging a collaboration that is unique and dynamic within this industry. “We think on the same wavelength,” Fraum said, “bouncing ideas off each other and combining our experience to add value to the patients in our collective care.”

“We take care of patients like we would our own family,” McGinnis added. “Committed to getting to the cause rather than stopping at the symptom, we find out why a certain process is happening and come at it that way.”
With over 60 years of collective expertise (paired with pop culture jokes and odd classic rock references) they run an impeccable practice, while making sure the patient experience is always positive.

The electricity for life translates throughout the personality of the team and mission. “We want to allow people to add life to years and years to life. We’re here to help them live the life they love,” McGinnis said.

“We watch people deal with pain and discomfort for years and accept that as a part of life until it gets to a point where it impacts their activities of daily living, such as climbing a flight of stairs or playing a round of golf.” This mission is why Drs. “Brad and Brian” got together and continue to develop the Fraum Center for Restorative Health you see on Hilton Head Island today.

“Healthcare is changing and evolving, especially now,” Fraum said. “It’s 2020. Through regenerative medicine, patients are able to regenerate connective tissue and cartilage in their joints, allowing them the youthful mobility they once had. Things that were in the movies as science fiction are now science fact.”

It’s the dynamic alignment of current events, their partnership, and the practice’s growth and development over time that have brought them where they are today. What began in 1991 with chiropractic has evolved into holistic whole-patient care, adapting and enhancing with regenerative solutions. Fraum and McGinnis describe a continuous “pushing forward” that hasn’t slowed for decades.

Certified by the International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSA), Dr. Brian McGinnis D.C. and Dr. Brad Fraum D.C. are the dynamic duo helping patients restore their bodies one cell at a time. For more information visit

Fraum Center for Restorative Health
1403 Main Street Village
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
(843) 681-7777

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