July 2020

Editor's Note: July 2020

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.KAT Photography

Here’s an interesting tidbit. An inadvertent consequence of COVID-19 is that boat sales are up. It seems families are looking for ways to have fun while social distancing this summer and are perhaps trading in that trip to Walt Disney World for a new boat. Which is just fine with us.

This issue celebrates life on the water, which we Lowcountry residents know an awful lot about. After spending some time last month interviewing local captains Chip Michalove and Chris Shoemaker for our 21 Faces of Lowcountry Hospitality feature, we decided to go back to the water and feature a few more local fishing guides ready to help you catch your first or five-hundredth fish. Check out our interviews with Captain Miles Altman, John Brackett, Drew Davis and more on page 46.

Mandy Matney and David Moses explain the various ways you can get out on the water in an incredibly informative article on page 53. Local options abound between boat clubs, rentals, and just going out with a professional. Consider this read a starting point for deciding just how committed you want to be to that #saltlife before you plunk down a nice chunk of change for your own vessel.

Even our fashion has a nautical twist, with our local boutiques promoting red, white and blue ensembles to celebrate America in style. We would like to thank Captain Keith Walston and his son Brandt of Vagabond Cruise for hosting our shoot on the Spirit of Harbour Town. We had a blast with our models Suzy and Robert, and you can watch the video of our shoot on the water by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Speaking of videos, be sure to follow us on all of our social media channels to keep up with CH2 and CB2 all month long. Behind the scenes videos, Instagram stories, Tik Toks, contests and more fun stuff is posted every day.

Be sure to check out our special Health & Wellness section this month as well, with articles on intermittent fasting, giving up alcohol, and new treatments for managing arthritis.

Have a great holiday, everyone. We may not be celebrating with fireworks this year, but we still have a lot to be thankful for, so go out and show it. And remember, being kind is classy. ;-)

Maggie Washo
CH2/ CB2 Magazine

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