June 2020

21 Faces of Lowcountry Hospitality: Byron Sewell

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: M.KAT Photography

Byron Sewell
Native Son Adventures

If you haven’t noticed a theme in the answers so far, let us refresh your memory: get out on the water! One of the best ways to do that is with a real Hilton Head Island native, Byron Sewell. An adventure with Byron includes searching for shark’s teeth, surfing, crabbing and a boat ride. Listen as Byron regales you with tales of what it was like to grow up on Hilton Head Island in a cottage on North Forest Beach.

What is the most frequently asked question by our visitors, and what is your answer?
Since we pretty much live where everyone else vacations, my guests want to know where I go to vacation. I vacation wherever the people aren’t.

Unofficial poll: Where do most of our visitor’s hail from?
First thing that comes to mind is Ohio.

How long have you lived in the Lowcountry, and what brought you here?
I was born here in 1973. The thing I love most about living here is my island family.

What is your favorite annual event or festival?
The St. Patrick’s Day parade is the coolest. It’s all locals, and I don’t see any other festival where there are just kids everywhere. It’s really special.

If you could advise our visitors to do just one thing while they are here, what would it be?
Start at the north end of the island and bike down around the whole beach. Just make sure you are going with the wind. The other thing I suggest is to just sit and relax in a tidal pool.

Out of all the activities you offer, what is your favorite—the trip that gives a visitor a real taste of what living here is like?
Our Day with a Native package is the best one we offer. The day starts down on the beach with surfing, yoga and water safety. Then we go get on the boat and fish when they are biting. Next comes shark’s tooth hunting and searching for shells. We finish the day on Daufuskie Island for some fresh seafood. We call that our “Fried Combo Platter.” Ha! Ha!

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