May 2020

Comfortable in Your Own Skin: Bluffton Pharmacy launches new skincare line exclusively for you

Author: Barry Kaufman

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about your skin is that there’s no other skin like it in the world. Maybe you run oily; maybe you run dry. Maybe you have a high pH; maybe it’s low. The unique balance of these and dozens of other factors come together to create a profile of your skin that shows its true uniqueness. It’s your skin and yours alone. So why are you using skincare products designed for someone else’s skin?

Through 30 years as a trusted local source for compounded medications, Bluffton Pharmacy has learned so much about your skin—not just the many ways it varies, but the multitude of treatments that apply to each individual’s need. This is why Epione was created: to serve as a personalized solution to meet all skincare needs and types. Epione will revolutionize the way you see cosmetic skin care.

The process is just as important as what’s in the bottle, with each individual’s formula being produced to meet his or her distinct needs. Epione starts with a formulation sheet that is filled out by the patient. The staff will then formulate a custom Epione code that will fit that patient’s needs. Your special formula will deliver active cosmetic enhancers and a unique texture, perfectly adapted to your skin’s needs. In traditional skincare lines, each concern is usually addressed separately by a mass-produced corresponding product. But now, with Epione, all concerns are treated with one simple solution.

Epione packs powerful antioxidants, natural ingredients, anti-aging peptides and patented technologies into each bottle. It’s also gluten free, paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free and is tested by dermatologists to deliver results. Their highly concentrated formulas are proven to deliver superior results and can help prevent and delay the signs of aging, stimulate production of collagen, and target and help with firmness of wrinkles and expression lines, redness, dryness and any other skin issues you may have.

For your unique skin, it represents a completely customized solution. It’s your skin and yours alone, and with Epione, it can look its best. Bluffton Pharmacy is proud to introduce its exclusive Epione product and to offer each patient his or her own formulated skincare cream to address each skin concern in just one bottle. 

To learn more, call (843) 757-4999.

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