April 2020

Editor's Note: Fragile, Yet Resilient

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Actual photo of editor in her pajamas circa 2018.

The first time I realized everything in my world could change in an instant, I was 17 years old. My parents told me we were moving from New York to Hilton Head Island. I had just met a boy. It wasn’t great news.

The second time I learned how fragile everything is, I got news that two of my close friends had been in a horrible car accident. Neither is with us today.

The third time when everything I thought I knew was wrong was in October of 2016 when Hurricane Matthew roared through the coast and changed Hilton Head Island’s landscape in less than 24 hours.

Which brings us to the fourth time in my life, which knocked the wind out of me. I heard the news that Disney World had decided to close on March 16 out of an abundance of caution in regard to the pandemic sweeping the nation. I guess up until that moment, for me at least, the coronavirus news was faintly buzzing in the background of harried preparations for one of our biggest issues of the year. Work, work, work, work. And then all of a sudden, something bigger came into focus. This could be serious.

It was just a few days later that Governor McMaster ordered all South Carolina students to study from home for two weeks, which as of press time has been extended through the end of April. And just an hour after that press conference, I headed to the grocery store on my usual weekly trip to find bare shelves. No toilet paper. No meat. No water. No produce.

This is serious.

The next few weeks were spent talking to our friends and clients who were making tough decisions about closing their doors and hoping for the best.

None of us knows what the future holds, but we will get through it. Just like I made it through a broken heart, the death of good friends, and a hurricane that knocked our community to its knees. Now is the time to care for each other, follow recommended guidelines on social distancing and hand-washing, and most of all, for prayer.

We hope this issue of C2 magazine takes your mind off things for just a few moments in between home-schooling, not showering, and getting creative with dinner prep with the random food items still left in your cupboard.

See you on the other side—or call me if you want to chat. But no Facetime. I’m still in my pajamas. ;-)

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