March 2020

From the Ground Up: Mighty Mac offers so much more than just carpet cleaning.

Author: Barry Kaufman

More than likely you can remember that last time you had your carpets cleaned. Maybe it was six years ago, maybe it was last year. Maybe you’ve never had your carpets cleaned (and if that’s the case, eew. You need to get on that).

But while you may be at least somewhat aware that your carpets should be cleaned, what about the rest of your house? When’s the last time, for example, you had your upholstery cleaned? Probably never, right? As with your carpets, you probably should get on that. You can Google it for yourself, or you can just trust us that furniture can get pretty gross over the years.

The point is, there is a lot more to keeping a house clean than just steaming the carpets periodically. Few people around here know that more than John & Mary Myer and Ivy Burdick, the family behind Mighty Mac Premier Cleaning.

“A lot of people think we just do carpet cleaning,” Burdick said. “But we do everything—upholstery, stone, wood, tile, area rugs. We have a whole warehouse here just for careful cleaning of area rugs.”

Locally owned and operated, Mighty Mac is a true family company, with technicians who have been certified and trained to handle any and all stains, soils and messes. With some of Mighty Mac’s technicians boasting more than two decades of experience, you won’t find a more qualified set of professionals for handling all of your cleaning needs.

You might think of Mighty Mac as just a carpet cleaning service, but their range of offerings is geared toward one thing: protecting your investments—not only by cleaning them, but by restoring them with expert repair services that take everything from water damaged or burned carpet to cracked and dried leather and return them to glory. And after they finish, you can count on their Teflon protection by Dupont to protect your carpets from damage down the road.

“People spend a lot of money on high-quality furnishings, carpeting, rugs and flooring for their home,” Burdick said. “We’re helping them add years to the lifespan of their home décor by not only cleaning it but cleaning it right.”

Beyond the dollars and cents, Mighty Mac is there to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone who shares your home. “You think about children and pets, and how much time they spend on your carpet, you definitely want to make sure you’re keeping everything clean for their health,” Burdick said.

Mighty Mac is there for all the day-to-day cleaning, but their expertise can also be called on when disaster strikes. The same skill and care that goes into each cleaning goes into their 24-hour emergency service, offering drying services and cleanup after water damage or other calamities.

There’s a lot more to cleaning than you might think. Check out their website and you’ll find a series of “consumer information/bulletins” sharing a few tricks of the trade. “You don’t want us to have to come out for every minor cleaning issue, plus we want to make sure customers aren’t doing anything that might damage their carpets or furnishings,” Burdick said, pointing to harsh ingredients in products like Resolve that can do more harm than good. “There are a lot of safer, more natural products you can use, from vinegar to Woolite to Ivory soap. That way you can keep everything in shape between visits.”

Giving their customers the tools to do the job themselves is just one way Mighty Mac dedicates itself to the art of cleaning. More than clean rugs, it’s about protecting your investments, protecting your family, and keeping your home looking amazing. 

For more information, visit or call (843) 842-3994.

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