February 2020

Uno Tio’s, Dos Tio’s: The Latin fusion you love is taking over the beach.

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: James Paris

The Tio’s Team
From left to right: Logan McManus, Lynden Zuniga, Manuel Guzman, Sally Zuniga, Kfir Gispan, Karely McManus

At this point, we don’t need to sell you on the culinary fusion of flavors that Tio’s Latin American Kitchen has made its hallmark. You know. Either you’ve been there and tried it for yourself (and have, naturally, been drawn back again and again as the craving struck), or you’ve heard friends and neighbors raving about this Shelter Cove Towne Centre hotspot.

It’s hard not to get excited about food this good, and a menu with so much to offer. Chefs Lynden Zuniga and Logan McManus have borrowed heavily from all manner of Latin American culinary traditions to reflect the flavors of the world. The result is, that everyone has a seat at this table, making each meal a love letter to one of the world’s most delectable foodways.

“We have all the Mexican favorites side-by-side with dishes from Central and South America, and even paella from Spain,” said co-founder Sally Zuniga, wife to Chef Lynden. “And everything is made fresh—our sauces, our marinades … plus our seafood is all domestically sourced, with nothing farmed or imported.”

It’s a dedication to authenticity and freshness that has made Tio’s the toast of the town. And soon, that same ethos will find its way to the south end, as Tio’s Cantina on the Beach opens in Beach Market Shopping Center. Here you’ll find the same quality and Latin American flavors you’ll find at Tio’s Latin American Kitchen—but with a huge twist.

“Tio’s Cantina on the Beach is going to represent a sort of East meets West mentality,” Sally said. That mentality will manifest in mouth-watering sushi making its way onto the menu alongside Latin favorites like tacos, arepas and ceviche. “The beachgoers are going to be able to come in and pick up a sushi roll and a taco for the beach, plus we’ll have a full dinner menu.”

It may strike some as an odd combination of flavors, but it makes perfect sense when you look at it from the perspective of the discerning diner.

“Whenever we’re deciding where to eat, we’re always choosing between, ‘Should we go get tacos or should we go get sushi?’” Sally pointed out. The fact that Chef McManus is a trained sushi chef, well prepared to take point on the new Asian-inspired offerings, just sweetens the deal. “We have the talent already in the building to execute on this, so it just made sense.”

Taking over the spot previously occupied by Crave by Daniel’s, Tio’s Cantina on the Beach is a perfect addition to the Tio’s empire, one that blends the upscale sophistication of a cocktail bar with a beachside stopover for tasty treats. “Being at the Beach Market Shopping Center lends itself to an easygoing, beachy feel,” Sally said.

But they’re not done just yet. Soon mainland fans of Tio’s Latin fusion flair will get their own chance to experience what islanders have come to adore when they open their next location in Bluffton. That’s right! There will soon be a trio of Tio’s. Plans were still being set at press time, but look for a Tio’s to open near Buckwalter in the very near future.

In the meantime, you’ll just have to get your Tio’s fix at Shelter Cove Towne Centre or right by the lush white sands of Coligny Beach. 

Visit tioshhi.com to learn more.

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