February 2020

Jeepers, Creepers, Where’d Ya Get Those Peepers? Bluffton Lash Lounge, of course!

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Since the days of Cleopatra, rudimentary eyelash embellishments, often concocted of sticky, smelly substances, were a part of women’s beauty rituals. In 1872, French perfumer Eugene Rimmel did us all a favor when he invented the world’s first commercially available mascara made from petroleum jelly and coal dust. Well, ladies, we’ve come a long way!

Today, women are trading in their mascara wands for a more practical, time-saving option: eyelash extensions. Don’t confuse lash extensions with false lashes, which are designed to be worn for a day and removed at night. Lash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are attached to your own natural lashes with a powerful adhesive that is both safe and durable. At last, you can bathe, swim, workout, cry, and sleep with your lashes on and wake up looking glamorous—no more embarrassing raccoon eyes.

Discover the Bluffton Lash Lounge difference
While lash extension salons are popping up like dandelions in spring, not all eyelash extensions are created equal. After earning their professional aesthetics licenses and learning the technical aspects of lash application, when Jenifer Locklair and Bethany James, co-owners of Bluffton Lash Lounge, struck out on their own, they sought the highest quality lash products to offer their clients. Established in 2014, Bluffton Lash Lounge proudly offers NovaLash® extensions, and both business partners are licensed and certified technicians for the premium lash line.

According to Locklair, NovaLash has earned the reputation as one of the healthiest eyelash extension systems, the primary difference being the long-lasting, pharmaceutical grade adhesive. “NovaLash’s glue is completely different from everybody else’s,” she said. “It’s oil-resistant, and you can get the lashes wet immediately. Unlike most other lash extension products, you can also use oil-based makeup removers and skincare products, and they won’t come off.”

Eyelash extensions come in a range of sizes, and the length and thickness you can receive depends on your natural lashes. The professional technicians at Bluffton Lash Lounge will be able to best advise you on the right lash extensions for you, depending on the look you are after and what is healthiest for your natural lashes, James explained. Ranging in size from 8mm to 15mm in length, an array of colors, and three primary thicknesses, each customer’s look is completely customizable.

“We will ask you what you want and make recommendations based on your natural lashes, the shape of your eyes and your eyebrows. We can do something natural and start with a thinner shorter lash or, for a more dramatic, glamorous look, we can add volume or go longer,” Locklair said.

Eyelash extensions are also a safe and effective way to give your appearance a lift. “When you enhance your eyes with extensions, you really get an eye lift. It awakens your face for a more youthful appearance,” James said.

One of the greatest advantages of eyelash extensions is their durability. Since a single lash extension is attached to a single natural lash, the extensions should each last through the whole growth cycle of your natural lashes (generally six to eight weeks). To ensure they always look their best, however, it’s suggested that you get light touch-ups every two to three weeks, James explained.

In addition to eyelash extensions, Bluffton Lash Lounge offers lash and brow tinting, threading, and premium facial and body hair removal services. The same care that has gone into their lash program has been applied in the selection of their hair removal product—Nufree®, a non-wax, soy-based system that is anti-bacterial and antimicrobial and sticks to the hair, not the skin.

For gorgeous lashes and brows and for all your hair removal needs, visit Bluffton Lash Lounge. You’re sure to leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, more beautiful and more confident.

Bluffton Lash Lounge is located in Magnolia Village Business Park, 181 Bluffton Rd., Suite A103, Bluffton. For more information, visit www.blufftonlashlounge.com or call (843) 505-0645. Follow on Facebook and Instagram. Download their branded app for easy appointment booking.

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